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13 Best Fitness Apps to Use in the Comfort of Your Home

13 Best Fitness Apps to Use in the Comfort of Your Home

Fitness is big business. Many people love to workout but don’t want to pay the high gym membership fees or commit to a year-long agreement. Fitness apps are practical solutions[1], and many are half the price or even free. All you need to do is to download them to your phone or your smart TV and get working out in the comfort of your home, whenever you want.

It sounds like the perfect solution, but with so many options out there, which are the best fitness apps, and what needs do they suit? We’ve compiled a list of the best fitness apps to make your decision easier.

1. Sweat

The Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness App's Image-Focused Interface Connects With Its Female Audience

    This app was designed by a fitness influencer, Kayla Itsines, and she also got some of her influencer friends to join in, as well. This fitness app is available to download on to your Apple watch for convenience.

    You can start off with the four-week intro program as a perfect build-up to strength training. The program continues with developing your strength using dumbbells or weight machines. The app is like having your own personal trainer with you anytime it suits you.

    Best for those who want:

    • To learn how to use the machines in a gym correctly
    • Video and written instructions for each exercise
    • Weekly meal plans and a shopping list
    • Yoga programs
    • Online community for support

    Download the app here!

    2. Beach Body on Demand

    Beachbody On Demand Android App Is Here - Stream To Your Phone!

      If you like working out at home but lack the motivation as there is no trainer there shouting out instructions, this is the app for you. This is an app with something for everyone; from yoga to hip-hop, there is something to suit your mood.

      The workouts range from 10 to 90 minutes, so you can choose the workout you have time for. There are different trainers to help you through your workouts and a BOD community to share your views and ideas with. The app records your previous workouts, as well.

      Best for those who want:

      • A variety of workouts
      • Nutrition guides
      • A quick-start guide
      • Recommended Spotify playlists
      • Workouts with minimal equipment

      Download the app here!

      3. Peloton Digital

      Peloton Digital | No Matter What Fitness Level You Are, These Running Apps Will Help You Meet Your Goals | POPSUGAR Fitness Photo 2

        Peloton became famous for its indoor cycling classes, but this app isn’t just about cycling. The classes include yoga, indoor and outdoor running, guided meditation, boot-camp style classes, and evening walking. You can even choose your favorite artist to play your tunes while working out.

        Because the workout is in video format, you can see your instructor doing the workout alongside you. Some of the workouts need simple equipment, like dumbbells or a yoga mat, but this is explained before the class.


        There are also programs with specific goals in mind. For example, if you want to run a marathon, there is a program for you.

        Best for those who want:

        • Updates, new music, different programs
        • Clear instructions given by the trainers
        • A variety of workouts
        • Unlimited classes
        • Instructors moving through the exercises in real-time

        Download the app here!

        4. Glo

        Meditation App From Glo Can Help You Train Your Thoughts - Night Helper


          Formerly known as Yoga Glo, this is a great app for yoga and meditation, as well as Pilates. With over 3700 workouts led by over 50 different teachers, you are spoiled for choice. After you have signed up, the app suggests classes for you to try out, or you can search what you are looking for using the filters. You can choose the amount of time you have, and the system will find a class for you.

          Best for those who want:

          • Meditation
          • Excellent choice of classes
          • Instructions that allow you to set the pace
          • A mixture of spiritual and physical health
          • Asked questions to direct you to the best workout for your needs

          Download the app here!

          5. Nike Training Club

          The Nike Training Club App. From what I remember, about seven years… | by Sharon Lee | Medium

            If you want cardio, then you will love this app as this best fitness app from Nike lets you work out without needing a treadmill. The 160 different workouts of different lengths combine circuit training, weight training, and body-weight training. The idea behind them is to get your heart pumping.

            The best thing about the app is that it is free and has a very simple set up, so you can easily find a workout to suit your needs. It also has workouts design by professional athletes, such as Serena Williams and Cristiano Ronaldo. The app lets you adapt the workouts to suit your ability, time, and also the goals you want to achieve.

            Best for those who want:

            • An adjustable workout schedule
            • A free app
            • Yoga and stretching exercises
            • Simple and straight forward classes
            • Variety of workouts

            Download the app here!

            6. Grokker

            Yoga | HomeWURX

              This is one of the best fitness apps, both with individuals and companies who like to keep their employees fit and healthy. The app doesn’t just look at fitness but also how to manage weight, overcome injuries, and lower stress.


              With yoga, fitness, and cooking advice, this app is an excellent choice if you want to look at every aspect of healthy living. There are different experts giving advice, and once you find one you like, you can follow their regular updates.

               Best for those who want:

              • Step-by-step videos
              • Great healthy eating recipes
              • An easy-to-use layout
              • An office-friendly app
              • Convenience

              Download the app here!

              7. Physique 57 OnDemand

              Travel Fit Tip: Physique 57 On Demand - Cuckoolemon

                This app works around the barre classes. These classes are great if you are on the move in a hotel room with little space. Many of the online classes require no equipment. The classes concentrate on certain parts of the body, but there are many to pick and choose from depending on your goals for a given day.

                The great thing is that there are new classes added every week! The idea behind the exercises is to sculpt your body while making you more flexible and improving your metabolism. The classes are streamed online, so you can watch them from wherever you are.

                Best for those who want:

                • To take a class anywhere, anytime
                • An ability to freeze, fast forward, or rewind the videos
                • Workouts geared toward what you want
                • Videos available for 48 hours after purchase

                Download the app here!

                8. Tone It Up

                Left Field Labs - Tone It Up

                  This app is like a virtual studio. With a new workout added every day, you can either do the workout or choose one from the library. You can sign up for classes with other virtual members as well if you prefer a group setting.

                  The app has a wide range of classes, from kickboxing to yoga and many in between.  Also, there are some great classes for pregnant and postnatal women. Most of the classes require no equipment and just a small space, leaving you with no excuses not to try it out.

                  Best for those who want:

                  • Healthy eating plans and recipes
                  • A wide range of classes
                  • An easy-to-use app
                  • Classes for all abilities

                  Download the app here!

                  9. Pure Barre on Demand

                  Online Fitness Classes - Pure Barre GO On Demand | Groupon



                    Barre is a great strength training workout. The workouts range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes on this app, so you can easily fit them into your daily routine. The workouts are recorded live classes or used from previously released DVDs.

                    Watching others do the workout is great motivation. There are elements of ballet, Pilates, and light training in each workout, meaning you’ll never get bored.

                    Best for those who want:

                    • A variety of workout
                    • An easy-to-use app
                    • Different lengths of time available
                    • No real equipment needed

                    Download the app here!

                    10. Daily Burn

                    Daily Burn plans a new line of fitness apps, starting with HIIT Workouts | TechCrunch

                      This is a great fitness app for people who want to follow a structured workout plan. There is a wide range of workout options and styles, and the app can build workout programs tailored to your fitness goals.

                      You can stream the workouts from wherever you are. If you can’t work out with the live classes, then you can use the recorded version at your own convenient time.

                      Best for those who want:

                      • A free trial
                      • Professional trainers
                      • A variety of workout styles
                      • Different workout lengths

                      Download the app here!

                      11. Openfit

                      Openfit Review: Is the workout app with live classes worth it? - Reviewed

                        This app has five different workout programs, the most popular being the extended barre. You can stream the workouts to your phone, tablet, or TV. The app also has wellness and nutritional programs that can be tailored to your individual needs. There are on-demand and live classes in many different styles, such as Pilates, stretching, running, and cardio, meaning there’s something for everyone.

                        One exciting feature is that, during the class, you can turn on your camera so the trainer can offer live advice to you. Talk about personalized!

                        Best for those who want:

                        • Live classes and trainer advice
                        • On-demand and life options
                        • A variety of classes
                        • Video demonstrations for each move
                        • Meal tips and recipes

                        Download the app here!

                         12. Obé


                        obé fitness - The Best At Home Workouts! | Start Your Free Trial

                          Each signature class is 28 minutes long, and you can stream these classes live or on-demand. The app is inspired by colorful workouts from the ’80s. There are a series of classes offered at different times and are cardio-based with flexibility training. They are designed for a mixture of fitness abilities, so find the one that suits your fitness level today.

                          Best for those who want:

                          • Instructors who can see you live and give you encouragement
                          • Classes with zero or minimal equipment
                          • Live workouts daily
                          • A variety of options

                          Download the app here!

                          13. Asana Rebel

                          Asana Rebel For PC [Windows 10/8/7/XP] - Free Download -



                            This is a yoga-based app with healthy lifestyle advice. With a variety of length options, from 5 minutes upwards, and the need for only a small space and a yoga mat, this app is great for people who have busy lives.

                            With the free version, you can get two new workouts every day, and with the paid version you can also get tips from the trainers and a customized workout plan. There are courses that you can sign up for, such as an 8-week fat burn, or you can choose individual classes based on your energy level for the day.

                            Best for those who want:

                            • Something for everyone
                            • Personal tips and advice
                            • Individual programs
                            • A variety of classes for different goals

                            Download the app here!

                            Final Thoughts

                            Whether you work out in order to reach your dream body or to ease your mind through meditation or yoga, there is a fitness app for everyone that you can practice in the comfort of your own home. Hopefully, one of our suggestions for best fitness apps will help you get started and achieve your fitness goals through daily workouts and great training plans.

                            Make sure to check out our How to Get Fit guide.

                            More Useful Fitness Apps

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                            [1] Integrated Counseling and Wellness: Health Benefits to Using Health and Fitness Apps

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