7 Little Known Secrets on Using HCG Diet

7 Little Known Secrets on Using HCG Diet

Losing weight can be difficult especially when you don’t know where to start. It is fundamental you understand the ins and outs of a particular diet before you settle upon it. HCG diet has been around for some time now, with thousands of people using it to shed pounds. However, not everybody can sing to the same tune when it comes to losing weight successfully with its diet program. To help you understand what you need to do, here is a break down on what the HCG diet program is all about.

Losing weight using HCG diet drops and the diet plan requires you to select between three main low calorie diet ranges of 500 calories, 800 calories and 1200 calories. This means that you should consume not more or less than the specified amount of calories per day.

The main phases of the HCG diet

The HCG diet protocol follows three main phases which are progressive as follows:


HCG Phase 1

This is called the loading phase and takes the first two days in the diet program. The purpose of this phase is to detoxify your body and to help you overcome cravings for sugars and fats. You typically eat just about anything that you can think of including pasta and cakes. You are advised to eat as much as you can. It will also be the only time you are allowed eat whatever you want and in any amount

HCG Phase 2

This is the burning phase. Actual weight loss begins here during the low calorie diet plan. The most common calorie diet is the 500 one, which is combined with HCG drops. This phase takes about three weeks and should not extend to more than 42 days. You will begin to burn fat and lose weight including other body transformations that come along with losing weight such as reduction in waist inches. You can finally anticipate wearing your favorite fitting clothes!

HCG Phase 3

This is called the maintenance phase. It begins immediately after the second phase and involves keeping away from sugars, and starches until your body stabilizes your newly acquired weight after shedding the extra pounds. It is also during this phase that you begin to introduce normal foods as you get back to normal diets.


Each of the three phases includes a comprehensive diet plan with meal recipes selected for each. The recipes run from breakfast, lunch and dinner with dessert suggestions provided for you. The type of food seasoning and preferable drinks are also a part of the meal plans. Basically, you just have to follow the diet plan and avoid carb-filled and sugary foods.

You can then brace yourself for a weight loss journey. Your follow up and commitment will be vital to how much of a success it’s going to be. So prepare yourself physically and psychologically. To help you along, you can make use of some useful knowledge and tweaks which are little known to many people who are not successful in their weight loss quest.

Here are seven little known secrets that can help you achieve your weight loss goal using HCG diet.


1. Sticking to the diet

This is a pretty obvious fact that gets ignored all the time. Most people are too tempted to keep out sugars and fatty foods. HCG works by interacting with your body to lead to significant weight loss. By introducing sugars or non-permitted foods, you sabotage the weight loss process and actually create an imbalance that soaks up all your previous effort. Avoid taking a bite or two when you don’t really have to.

2. Not waiting till you starve

Having to go by a 500 calorie diet per day can be daunting at first. You are bound to feel starved just before your body gets used to the new diet. To avoid eating impulsively or even starving yourself, it is important that you keep already prepared food that will save you time for preparation.

3. Making green tea your new friend

Green tea is a highly recommended herbal tea that is loaded with antioxidants, nutrients and a host of other health benefits. Taking green tea each day has been shown to lead to effective fat loss and improve the function of the brain.


4. Drinking lots of water

Water is one of the few limitless things on your eat list during HCG diet. Water is helpful in curbing your cravings and reducing your appetite while keeping your body energized and hydrated.

5. Using water-based cosmetics

Avoid oil-based cosmetics or any related body care or skincare. Instead, use water-based skin moisturizers which will hydrate your skin and make it more radiant. Water based skin moisturizers help keep your skin healthy and elastic especially after losing fat. This will help in restoring the natural look of your skin even after successfully shedding extra pounds.

6. Eating less food at closer intervals

Overeating can dent your weight loss efforts by accumulating more calories than you’re using. To also overcome pangs of hunger, it is advisable that your spread your meals throughout the day. This will reduce the urge to overeat, and still provide you with enough calories to power your day.

7. Meditation

Meditation has been shown to have powerful effects on your focus and motivation towards achieving your weight loss goal. Finding that quiet time can prove to be of great help especially during HCG diet program. Mediate twice daily, in the morning when you wake up and before going to sleep. This will improve your concentration, focus and determination which combined will produce tremendous results.

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Science Says Screaming Is Good For You

Science Says Screaming Is Good For You

There are many reasons why people might scream – they’re angry, scared, or in pain (or maybe they’re in a metal band!). Some might say that screaming is bad, but here’s why science says it’s good for you.

“For the first time in the history of psychology there is a way to access feelings, hidden away, in a safe way and thus to reduce human suffering. It is, in essence, the first science of psychotherapy.” — Dr. Arthur Janov

Primal Therapy

Dr. Arthur Janov invented Primal Therapy in the late 1960’s. It is a practice that allows the patient to face their repressed emotions from past trauma head on and let those emotions go. This treatment is intended to cure any mental illness the patient may have that surfaced from this past trauma. In most cases, Primal Therapy has lead Dr. Janov’s patients to scream towards the end of their session, though it was not part of the original procedure. During a group therapy session that was at a standstill, Dr. Janov says that one of his patients, a student he called Danny, told a story that inspired him to implement a technique that he never would have thought of on his own.


How it Started

“During a lull in our group therapy session, he told us a story about a man named Ortiz who was currently doing an act on the London stage in which he paraded around in diapers drinking bottles of milk. Throughout his number, Ortiz is shouting, ‘Mommy! Daddy! Mommy! Daddy!’ at the top of his lungs. At the end of his act he vomits. Plastic bags are passed out, and the audience is requested to follow suit.”

It doesn’t end there, though. Dr. Janov said that his patient was quite fascinated with that story, and that alone moved him to suggest something even he believed to be a little elementary.

“I asked him to call out, ‘Mommy! Daddy!’ Danny refused, saying that he couldn’t see the sense in such a childish act, and frankly, neither could I. But I persisted, and finally, he gave in. As he began, he became noticeably upset. Suddenly he was writhing on the floor in agony. His breathing was rapid, spasmodic. ‘Mommy! Daddy!’ came out of his mouth almost involuntarily in loud screeches. He appeared to be in a coma or hypnotic state. The writhing gave way to small convulsions, and finally, he released a piercing, deathlike scream that rattled the walls of my office. The entire episode lasted only a few minutes, and neither Danny nor I had any idea what had happened. All he could say afterward was: ‘I made it! I don’t know what, but I can feel.’”

Delving deeper

Dr. Janov says he was baffled for months, but then he decided to experiment with another patient with the same method, which lead to a similar result as before. The patient started out calling “Mommy! Daddy!” then experienced convulsions, heavy breathing, and then eventually screamed. After the session, Dr. Janov says his patient was transformed and became “virtually another human being. He became alert… he seemed to understand himself.”

Although the initial intention of this particular practice wasn’t to get the patient to scream, more than once did his Primal Therapy sessions end with the patient screaming and feeling lighter, revived, and relieved of stresses that were holding them down in life.

Some Methods To Practice Screaming

If you want to try it out for yourself, keep reading!


  • Step 1: Be Alone — Be alone. If you live in a place that you can’t be alone, it might be a good idea to talk to your family or roommates and explain to them what you’re about to do and make sure they’re okay with it. If you’re good to go, move on to step 2.
  • Step 2: Lie Down — Lie down on a yoga mat on your back and place a pillow underneath your head. If you don’t own a yoga mat, you can use a rug or even a soft blanket.
  • Step 3: Think — Think of things that have hurt you or made you angry. It can be anything from your childhood or even something that happened recently to make yourself cry, if you’re not already crying or upset. You could even scream “Mommy! Daddy!” just like Dr. Janov’s patients did to get yourself started.
  • Step 4: Scream — Don’t hold anything back; cry and scream as loud as you can. You can also pound your fists on the ground, or just lie there and scream at the top of your lungs.

After this, you should return your breathing to a normal and steady pace. You should feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted off of you. If not, you can also try these other methods.

Scream Sing

Scream singing” is referring to what a lot of lead singers in metal or screamo bands will do. I’ve tried it and although I wasn’t very good at it, it was fun and definitely relieved me of any stress I was feeling from before. It usually ends up sounding like a really loud grunt, but nonetheless, it’s considered screaming.


  • Step 1 — Bear down and make a grunting sound.
  • Step 2 — Hiss like a snake and make sure to do this from your diaphragm (your stomach) for as long as you can.
  • Step 3 — Breathe and push your stomach out for more air when you are belting notes, kind of like you would if you were singing.
  • Step 4 — Try different ways to let out air to control how long the note will last, just make sure not to let out too much air.
  • Step 5 — Distort your voice by pushing air out from your throat, just be careful not to strain yourself.
  • Step 6 — Play around with the pitch of your screams and how wide your mouth is open – the wider your mouth is open, the higher the screams will sound. The narrower or rounder your mouth is (and most likely shaped like an “o”), the lower the screams will sound.
  • Step 7 — Start screaming to metal music. If you’re not a huge metal fan, it’s okay. You don’t have to use this method if you don’t want to.

If you want a more thorough walkthrough of how to scream sing, here’s a good video tutorial. If this method is too strenuous on your vocal chords, stop. Also, make sure to stay hydrated when scream singing and drink lots of water.

Scream into a pillow

Grab a pillow and scream into it. This method is probably the fastest and easiest way to practice screaming. Just make sure to come up for air.


Always remember to make sure that you’re not going to disturb anyone while practicing any of these methods of screaming. And with that, happy screaming!

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