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10 Stunning Adult Colouring Exercises For You To Download!

Written by Jolie Choi
Having experienced her own extreme transformation process, Jolie strongly believes that staying healthy takes determined and consistent action.
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Benefits of adult colouring have been proved in a lot of recent scientific researches and it has created a new trend for adult meditation. It’s been proved that it can help adults to shift their focus off from stressful work and peace out their minds.

You might feel hard to start off but picture the peaceful mind you would have after you completed the task! Here we offer you 10 free colouring templates for you to colour in! Hope we can help you to release your stress a bit before the holidays!

Click the sub-heads for the original websites and print the larger size of the exercise.

#1 Native American


    #2 A Mandala Flower


      #3 The Ocean


        #4 A Cup Of Coffee


          #5 An Owl 


            #6 The Mystic Mandala


              #7 The Hummingbird


                #8 A Fox


                  #9 A Lion


                    #10 Geometric Flower

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