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Car Repairs Across the UK – Infographic

Written by Irma Hunkeler
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 Is it really cheaper to get your car repaired in the north than the south? Is London really the most expensive place for car repair and maintenance? And did you know that Birmingham drivers are 78%  more likely to drive a Jaguar than the rest of the UK? The folk over at Who Can Fix My Car have been comparing car repair prices across the UK (plus a few other interesting insights too). Let’s take a look…

Damaged your car? How much will it cost to get it fixed? The team at WhoCanFixMyCar, the car repair and maintenance comparison site, have dug into the detail to find out just how much car repair and maintenance costs across the UK – as well as some interesting stuff about the habits of the UK motorist.

The firm took a bucket of common car repairs – servicing, ‘under-the-bonnet’ work and brake and exhaust repairs – and divided the UK into regions and cities to get a full picture of the cost of car repair all over the country.

Here’s what they found:

Brakes and ExhaustsEngine and CoolingServicing and MOTGrand Total
Edinburgh and Glasgow£                 155£                 251£                 140£                 166
Northern Ireland£                 199£                 233£                 165£                 180
Manchester£                 156£                 280£                 151£                 184
Scotland£                 161£                 262£                 178£                 186
North East£                 166£                 275£                 167£                 192
Liverpool£                 169£                 285£                 162£                 198
North West£                 160£                 305£                 171£                 206
Birmingham£                 156£                 312£                 188£                 213
Leeds£                 150£                 326£                 155£                 214
West Midlands£                 176£                 299£                 184£                 217
Yorkshire and Humberside£                 178£                 319£                 178£                 220
East Midlands£                 180£                 305£                 185£                 220
Wales£                 162£                 334£                 175£                 221
South West£                 174£                 316£                 194£                 231
London£                 195£                 302£                 208£                 233
South East£                 185£                 323£                 199£                 238
East Anglia£                 196£                 327£                 199£                 241
UK average£                 178£                 309£                 186£                 220

So, generally speaking it’s true it can be cheaper to get your motor repaired in the north of the UK, with costs in Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow all that bit easier on the pocket.

Broken down by city, the UK car repair league table looks like this:

  1. London – £233
  2. Leeds – £214
  3. Birmingham – £213
  4. Liverpool – £198
  5. Manchester – £184
  6. Edinburgh – £166
  7. Glasgow – £166

OK, so London is the most expensive city for car repair and maintenance (£233), but it’s not that far off the UK average of £220. What’s more, some UK regions are far more costly than individual cities. Take East Anglia (£241) and the South East (£238), for example.


UK motorists

The research also shows some interesting insights into the make-up of the UK motorist – the type of cars they drive and the kind of repairs they’re most likely to need. Here are our top insights…

  • Given the Jaguar Land Rover plant in Castle Bromwich has been producing Jaguars since the mid-’70s, it’s perhaps no surprise that Jaguars are popular in the Midlands. But did you know what drivers in Birmingham are 78% more likely to own one?
  • Ever driven in Scotland? Then you’ll know that conditions can, on occasion, be less than ideal. Given the diversity of terrain and occasionally inclement weather, it’s perhaps no surprise that Scots are more likely to drive hard-wearing Suzukis and Subarus.
  • And, despite lower driving speeds, Londoners are more likely to request bodywork or dent repairs (probably all that congestion)…

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