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25 Awesome Free Fonts That Anyone Can Use

Fonts are indispensable tools for artists, graphic designers, and even programmers. Originating as typefaces during the use of printing presses, fonts come in all shapes, weights, slants, and ornamentations. Greatly influencing the feel and role of a piece or website, the first fonts involving various widths and designs of a base font evolved in the 1900’s. Today, digital graphic programs allow us to add to traditional fonts and design new ones incredibly quickly, greatly expanding design possibilities. Fonts with roots in all corners of art and design history are currently found online, including calligraphy, square pixel, handwritten, and street art fonts. The following 25 fonts are all free for personal and commercial use, and are sure to spice up your font library.

1. Sweetly Broken


Sweetly Broken is an elegantly simple handwriting font that doesn’t sacrifice legibility, or authentic look.

2. Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle is a thick sans-serif, graphic font. Where some graphic fonts look repetitive, the texture on this one keeps the letters looking fresh.

3. Clutchee


Clutchee is another graphic font with a smooth look. Whimsical, yet simple, this font can create a variety of looks.

4. Sybil Green


A playful font, Sybil Green is a good mix of childish and polished.

5. Slim Extreme


Slim Extreme is a great sans-serif option for a minimalist look.

6. Sick Capital Vice

Sick Capital Vice.ttf

Sick Capital Vice is a phenomenal urban font, complete with paint splatters.

7. Propaganda


A bold sans-serif font, Propaganda is particularly useful in graphic design projects.

8. Brushed


Brushed is another remarkable hand-written font that doesn’t sacrifice legibility.

9. Orange Juice


Orange Juice is another graphic font, this one mimics hand-drawn 3D letters. Another excellent font for graphic design settings.

10. Black Casper


Black Casper is designed to look like letters cut out of a magazine. A great font for many different applications.

11. Barcode

Doing just what the name says, Barcode effectively recreates the look of a UPC.

12. Wedgie


Wedgie is a playful 3D font, looking just like letters sitting on your paper.

13. Prisma


Prisma is a widely versatile, fun, retro font.

14. VTKS Animal 2


VTKS Animal is an impressive sans-serif font that recreates permanent marker strokes very nicely.

15. Jellyka Saint-Andrews Queen


Jellyka Saint-Andrews Queen is a detailed handwritten font, with nice, realistic strokes. Some cursive fonts don’t connect the letters together well enough, but this one succeeds admirably.

16. Scratch My Back


Scratch My Back is another nice handwritten font, this one recreating scribbled letters.

17. Friday Night Lights


Friday Night Lights is an impressive collegiate font, available in a variety of weights and textures.

18. Cinzel


Cinzel is an elegant serif font, also available in a variety of weights.

19. Toy Soldiers


This graphic font is a great option for industrial or army themed works.

20. Karmatic Arcade


When looking for a technological themed font, Karmatic Arcade is a good mix between pixellated and modern. This font also has a nice character width, something that can be rare with pixellated fonts.

21. Znikomit


Znikomit is another excellent minimalistic serif font with a clean, streamlined look.

22. Yellow Magician


Another fun font is Yellow Magician, which takes on graphic style from a few hundred years ago. This font also includes some graphic characters.

23. Chinese Takeaway


Another great themed font is Chinese Takeaway, which reproduces ink strokes quite well.

24. Transformers Movie Font


Based on the font used in the Transformer’s movies, Transformers is a crisp, futuristic font.

25. Gatsby


Gatsby is a classy sans-serif font, reminiscent of the 1920’s and 30’s. Another streamlined font that could be very useful in a wide variety of projects.

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