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4 Awesome Gifts For Designers Under $60

With the holidays right around the corner, it can be difficult to find the perfect type of gift for certain people in your life. One of those people might be someone in your life that is a designer or creative. It’s very common that designers or creatives will shy away from wanting typical gifts that are on everyone’s list and go for experiences or useful design thinking tools to help them with their next project, meet some kind of objective in their everyday lives.

In addition, while most of the world has gone digital, many creatives and designers can agree that they still use basic, traditional tools to make a point, keep track of their ideas and more. For example, while many prefer to keep track of their day with an app on their phone – many creatives still carry around an agenda or pocket calendar.

Down below we’ve narrowed down 4 awesome gifts ideas for the designer (or creative) in your life, that they will appreciate – all under $60!

1. Butterflyboard ($39).

Say hello to the first ever whiteboard that is about the size of a laptop and can fit inside your bag. The Butterflyboard is a great tool for busy designers or general creatives to visually jot down their ideas or if you work with a team, it’s a perfect tool to have a brainstorm session together! While we rely on technology for our day to day, this item offers simplicity and back to basics – not waiting for anything to power on or forgetting your ideas because you had nowhere to write them down.

What makes this whiteboard different from the rest? It’s portable! It’s the size of and lighter than a notebook, with multiple pages, as well, features magnetic binding allowing you to easily separate, rotate and reconnect pages.

2. AquaNotes ($7).

Where do you come up with your best ideas? In the car? At work? How about in the shower? If so, then AquaNotes is an out of the box gift for you or the creative in your life. Never let an idea go down the drain again, since this durable, waterproof notepad is perfect and made for you to jot down your master plans and ideas in the shower!

This also makes a perfect stocking stuffer gift for families: put reminders for your children or significant other. On the other hand, if you are in the industry of boating or field work, this also makes a great gift to preserve your notes in damp environments.

3. Moo Flatlay Notebook ($19.99)

You might have heard of Moo, if you haven’t, they are totally a designer’s go-to for super awesome business cards that you can create seamlessly through their website and service.

However, the makers at Moo have now introduced a hardcover journal with over 160 pages and includes a flat-lay design – whether you’re trying to nail that flat lay photo or are a left handed creator this journal stays flat thanks to its swiss binding. This means no more wrestling with pages to stay down – which means 100% focus to let your ideas flow.

4. Betterback ($59)

If you’re a designer or a creative, you probably spend hours and hours every day sitting in front of your desk or computer. While we are spending this time either meeting deadlines, thinking of our next big idea or working on a project, posture is the last thing on our mind! It’s been proven that good posture affects your overall mood, health, and motivation.

As seen on the popular television show, Shark Tank, this discreet device, according to the website improves your posture, as well as, your health and eases back pain by wearing it for just fifteen minutes per day.

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