Are you always on the lookout for tips and tricks to help make your life more productive and organised? Make your life easier with these useful hacks!

Hack #1

If you’ve started a new roll of wrapping paper and you have some left over, simply slot an old toilet roll around the wrapping paper to keep it from crumpling or tearing.

Hack #2

Try tying a piece of luggage to your suitcase when you travel, so it is easy to find when you are collecting baggage at the airport.

Hack #3

To make taking the bins out less messy, try lining the bottom of your bin with newspaper, as it helps to soak up any liquids.

Hack #4

Try this nifty trick so you don’t get food on your cookbooks whenever you are cooking.

Hack #5

Put a bar of scented soap with your dirty clothes in your luggage, to help disguise the smell while you’re on the move.

Hack #6

If you don’t want to spend money on a watering can, try poking holes in the lid of an old milk carton to make your own cheap and effective watering can.

Hack #7

Hate taking more than one trip to the car when you’re unpacking shopping? Keep a washing-up basket in your boot to save you time!

Hack #8

If you love ice lollies, try pushing a cupcake wrapper underneath the lolly to catch any sticky mess.

Hack #9

If you have candles with wicks that are hard to reach, this hack is perfect for you. Light the end of a piece of spaghetti and use it to light the candle.

Hack #10

Try using a piece of paper from a sticky pad to clean crumbs and dirt from your keyboard.

Hack #11

If you are re-heating food in the microwave, push a hole into the middle of the food so the food heats up much faster!

Hack #12

This tip is great for anyone who is struggling to find room in their wardrobe. Try hooking a ring-pull onto a coat-hanger so you can attach a second coat-hanger below.

Hack #13

Save time by painting your keys different colors, so you can always find the one you need quickly.

Hack #14

If you’re throwing a barbecue or party, serve up the condiments in a muffin tray to save yourself extra washing up!

Hack #15

Use a paperclip to help you if you have any jewelry that is difficult to put on.

Hack #16

Shape your eggs beautifully by cooking them in either a slice of onion or pepper.

Hack #17

To save on mess, hang your spoon through the end of your pan while you’re cooking.

Hack #19

If you love chilled white wine, try using frozen grapes instead of ice in your drink. Grapes are much tastier, and won’t dilute your drink.

Hack #20

If you are in a hotel and you can’t find somewhere to charge your phone, check the back of the television. They often have USB ports many phone chargers fit into!

Hack #21

Cut up a tennis ball for a fun, quirky and cheap way to store your keys and letters.

Hack #22

If you don’t have a roasting tray, this hack using spoons ensures your dinner is still cooked perfectly.

Hack #23

If you have lots of cables, use old toilet rolls to individually store them. This trick makes the cables easy to find and stops them tangling together.

Hack #24

Use non-flavored dental floss to cut cakes perfectly, without creating any mess.

Hack #25

Tired of your snacks going stale? Use an old coat-hanger as a thrifty way to keep your food fresh.
Do you have any hacks that help you keep your life organised and productive? Comment with your ideas!

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