Matthew Stibbe at his blog Bad Language talks about his tips on working from home. Compared to his big office, he said working from home has its advantage and freedom, but there are couple of things that need to be taken care of:

  • Separate phone and fax.
  • Keep work and home separate.
  • Stay green.
  • Office stuff.
  • Business class IT.
  • Everywhere is your office.
  • Be businesslike.
  • Be like a small big business.
  • Build your network.
  • Insurance and tax.

Highlight from me would be the section on “build your network”. Matthew talks about his choice on getting free agents to scale his business instead of hiring a lot of employees. However finding good contractors is as hard as recruiting/training the right person.

Another great work from home article I’ve found.

How to work from home – [Bad Language]

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