5 Reasons to Stop Blaming Others


Let’s face it, it’s easy to go around blaming others when things go wrong and in many cases, it really is someone else’s fault. But the problem is that blaming others will never help us move forward.

If you still aren’t convinced that blaming others will never actually benefit you then don’t miss this great article on Pick the Brain with five good reasons to stop spreading the blame around. Aside from holding you back from moving forward, the author also points out that blaming others gives power to someone else. If you can step back and accept responsibility when things go wrong, you’ll also be admitting to yourself that you have the power to fix the problem next time.

Additionally, blaming someone else all the time can also make you a negative person, constantly asking why bad things always happen to you, rather than allowing you the chance to make your life better.

Original Source – Pick the Brain

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