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How To Boost Producitivity At Work By Eliminating Waste


Are you wasting your office’s resources at work?

There are numerous ways employees can become unproductive. Apart from taking frequent breaks and talking to other people all day, disrupting workflows can also waste your time at the office.

This infographic shows different ways people mismanage their professional surroundings.

From a worker’s perspective, some of these points don’t seem counterproductive, but a closer look will tell you a different story. For example, we all know waiting is wasteful, but what about over-production and over-processing?

Many individuals who are aiming for a promotion are known for handling tasks in elaborate or extreme fashions, wasting resources in the process. While it is always better to do more than less, this concept may not always be beneficial.

Based on the infographic, which wasteful action are you guilty of at your office? Share your thoughts with us below.
How Wasteful is Your Office? | 100% Effective

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