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7 Valuable Resources For Working Moms

Written by Victoria Vein
Content Manger, ResumeWritingLab
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It is hard to be a perfect mother and a worker at the same time. Modern life requires mastering the skill of tackling things with the minimal damage. But this is especially vital when it comes to working moms. Often they need help, but aren’t sure if they have the right to ask for it. This often has something to do with guilt. Society has its own expectations, moreover, some kind of a perfect role model. And although this social model is hard to emulate in real life, some women are still trying.

Apparently, a lot of guilt is involved when a woman has to spend extra work hours in order to achieve her dream job. Often you have no other choice but to fight the feeling and seek out support. However, there is no actual need to exhaust oneself, as there are many online resources ready to help working moms. Here are the most useful ones!

1. How to Deal With a Family Budget

Deals are real catches for everyone and mothers are no exception. Dealseekingmom.com provides a lot of priceless (almost literally) advices. Check it out every time you go shopping and you will be well rewarded. Money-saving in the form of different coupons and discounts are the specialty of this site. They also offer helpful tips for handling finances.

2. How to Solve Parenting Problems

Kidsinthehouse.com is ready to help with that. This site is recommended by numerous printed sources including the People magazine, NBS News, USA Today and so on. It has been reviewed positively by famous people like Geena Davis and Maria Shriver, to name a few. All these can be considered as assurances of the site’s worthiness.

So what’s so special about this site? This website provides valuable information on common parenting problems like internet safety and teens upbringing. These insights are in video format and are usually not longer than 2 minutes. Yet they carry depth and could make a significant change for those trying them out.

3. How to Boost your Career

Ellevatenetwork.com is one of the best sites to develop your business. It will supply women with articles related to financial planning and business management. This resource will also help you learn about all upcoming professional opportunities.


4. How to Use Apps for Job Hunting

Mobile apps can offer a quick and efficient solution to nearly every problem. You can manage almost all parts of your daily life thanks to these apps: fitness, productivity, food supplies, weekend activities etc. Additionally, you can take advantage of these convenient applications to boost your job search. Job search apps don’t need any specific skills. This list of job search apps can help you choose a free tool suitable for your particular stage of job searching.

5. How to Style Yourself for Work

If you are a stay-at-home employee you can do your job even in pajamas. But as an office worker, you have to dress appropriately. Take some time to think about your formal outfit. Corporette.com is your perfect assistant here. The articles on this website will help you create both formal and unique style.

6. How to Be Creative with Food

Thekitchn.com is a must-have if you don’t have enough time to plan healthy family meals. The website provides nutritional value of the ingredients and a number of possible recipes. Also, pay attention to the lunch box ideas, they can be real time-savers!

7. How to Keep in Touch with News

There are many ways to learn the latest news. However, news websites for working mothers can become your personal choice. Helloladies.com is a perfect option for modern moms. This resource was created by Liz O’Donnell, the writer of the book ‘Mogul, Mom and Maid: The Balancing Act of the Modern Woman’. Naturally, this lady knows what modern women need. Apart from the news section, Liz has also created an interview series. Working mothers can share their experiences here and teach each other how to keep a work-life balance!

Featured photo credit: alphalight1 via pixabay.com

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