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Whiz BANG! Gadgets That May Just Change Everything

There is something that I realized earlier today, and I have to admit, this should have come to me earlier: it’s 2013.

Yes, it’s well into September, I know. I need to “get with it.”

Let me explain. I haven’t always been the most reasonable person. I don’t mean irrational, by any stretch. I mostly mean that I have a funny way of going about things, and that my way sometimes may not make the most sense, especially when you consider that it’s 2013. For example, two weeks ago, I was looking for a book, and instead of sitting still, and calling the bookstores in my area, I got on my bike and rode to each one in turn, only to find that the book was out of print, from 5 different booksellers. Why didn’t I just order it online, or at least call the bookstores before I went riding all over creation to find something that it turns out doesn’t even exist?

I couldn’t give you an answer, though I wish I could. And odds are, I’m not going to start doing things differently. Somewhere down inside, I like running around, searching and hunting for things. But the little book episode made me wonder what clever little gadgets I could find that would make my life easier, and maybe even give me some more time to run around town looking for stuff. So here’s a list, just for you, of time and trouble saving gadgets that will hopefully make your life a bit easier.

MiLi Power Spring


Next time you’re waiting in line at the movie theatre, or stopped at a red light, take a look around. What’s the first thing that you notice? Wait, let me guess, people staring at their phones, right? In all fairness, I can’t judge, being one of these phone-starers myself. And like most others who are glued to their smart phones, it’s an iPhone in my hand. There’s little doubt that iPhones are the most popular smart phones on the market right now, at least for the time being, and if there’s one thing most iPhone users have in common, it’s that they always carry a charger with them. Why? Because despite the brilliant design and functionality of the iPhone, the charge just doesn’t last, not if you use it all the time. Luckily, MiLi has the answer with their Power Spring 4/4s. It basically an iPhone case with a built in battery that adds 7.5 hours of life to your phone. You don’t really need me to list the advantages, do you?

Gunnar Computer Eyewear

Gunnar Computer Eyewear

How many of you out there spend all day in front of your computer screens? I’m going to guess quite a few. As we all know, starting at a back-lit screen for hours on end is anything but good for your vision. And I have to admit, when you’re in the middle of a days work, odds are you aren’t following the 20-20-20 rule (Google it, it’s really good advice). So for those of you who can’t tear your eyes away from the screen, Gunner Computer Eyewear has invented a pair of lenses that protect your eyes against Computer Vision Syndrome and helps fight the fatigue that comes with gluing your eyes to your monitor.



File this one under wacky, and possibly useful. The HAPIFork has sensors on either side, and tracks your bites by monitoring how often you lift your fork from the plate. If you are eating too quickly, the fork lights up and starts buzzing. Expect shorter meals and slimmer waistlines.

Parrot Flower Power

parrot flower power

A house plant can brighten up any room, whether it’s in your office or your house. And while not everyone was born with a green thumb, keeping your plants alive may no longer be a problem thanks to Parrot’s Flower Power. This Bluetooth-enabled device is shaped kind of like a twig and goes right into your potted plant’s soil. It then sends information straight to your smartphone so that you know if your plant is getting enough sunlight, water, and fertilizer. It even  measures pH levels. Mother Earth will be so proud!

HzO WaterBlock

HzO WaterBlock

I had to debate a bit before I added this one, since it isn’t technically available for purchase yet, but then idea is so cool that I just had to find a place for it. At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, HzO showcased a nano-material that actually waterproofs electronics from the inside out. That means that you can completely submerge your phone or tablet in water without doing any harm. Unfortunately, HzO is only going to deal with manufacturers for the time being, so there won’t be any trips to Target so buy some “iPhone waterproofing goop,” but a boy can dream, can’t he?

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