Top 5 Myths About Apple – the Legendary Brand

Top 5 Myths About Apple – the Legendary Brand

A lot of people had taken a bite, and it looks like they cannot seem to get enough of it. Each new release is juicier than the previous one so this explains why a lot of people are going gaga over Apple. No, I’m not talking about the fruit per se. I’m talking about the fruit that has become a driving force in the technology industry. What would the world look like today if Apple did not come into existence?



    Apple: The fruit that became a worldwide phenomenon

    The name Apple is now a world-reknowned brand, famous for bringing into the world the iMac, iPod, and iPhone. With its name tied to innovation, Apple has been the leading brand in smartphones, mp3 players and user-friendly personal computers. But a huge name such as this one isn’t without its surrounding myths and rumors. Critics have been using these myths about Apple as an opportunity to demean the company’s reputation. More often than not, these critics have been proven wrong. So what are these myths exactly?

    Myth #1: Without Steve Jobs, Apple is done

    Steve Jobs is widely known as the founder and CEO of the company and is acclaimed as a top innovator and a tech guru. One thing’s for sure; Apple wouldn’t be where it is if it wasn’t for him. Critics and fans alike have thought that without him, Apple is going to go under. But with his death in 2011, this myth was proven wrong as Apple is still up and going. Sure they grieved Job’s death, but the company went on with their operations to bring us even more innovations and gadgets.


    Myth #2: Macs cannot get viruses

    This myth is probably the most popular as it is perceived that Macs don’t get viruses while PCs do. This is false since no operating systems are invulnerable to malware, including the Mac OS. Macs still have their own share of malware but most developers don’t bother creating ones for Mac since the PC market is larger and more accessible. The malware that affects Macs aren’t focused on the operating system’s faults but more on the gullibility of the user. Sometimes, these malware attacks are disguised as anti-virus programs scattered around as ads. Generally, there aren’t many threatening malware that exists for Macs but the surest way to protect yourself from malware is to keep your Mac updated. Yes, it’s that important.

    Myth #3: Macs and PCs are incompatible

    The most common argument between Mac and PC fans are the incompatibility issues. They say that Mac software isn’t compatible with PCs and vice versa; this is not entirely true however, as a lot of programs are usable in both Macs and PCs such as Microsoft Office, most browsers, Adobe programs, and even iTunes. There are even programs that let Mac users to boot the Windows OS and even PC software to boot the Mac OS. A significant difference between the two would be the availability of games. PCs can play almost every game that is available on the market, and Macs get a platform of their own a few months after the game’s release or maybe not at all.


    Myth #4: Apple is Spying on You

    Two years ago, news circulated that Apple installed a tracking code in their iOS 4 update. This has kept Apple users on their feet, really wary and afraid that Apple is tracking their every move. The rumor was so widespread that it spawned the US Congress to conduct a legal inquiry. But Apple has denied the allegations, saying that the data they collected were about WiFi hotspots and cellular towers that are being detected by the iPhone.

    Myth #5: Jailbreaking Apple Devices could Land You a Spot in Jail

    Contrary to popular belief, jailbreaking your iPad and your iPhone is not illegal. Of course, it can affect your warranty negatively but as per the U.S. Library of Congress, jailbreaking your Apple device does not mean you are breaking or infringing copyright laws.


    Myth busted?

    Busted or not, these myths about Apple are the most popularly known among critics and users. There are probably more popular myths or less popular myths surrounding this widely known gadget giant but it would be too big a list if I were to enumerate and describe them all. More myths may emerge in the future and it would be up to the critics and fans to gauge whether these myths are true or not.

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    Last Updated on January 13, 2020

    11 Brain Training Apps to Train Your Mind and Improve Memory

    11 Brain Training Apps to Train Your Mind and Improve Memory

    Whether at work or at school, people these days are under tremendous pressure to perform, perform and perform! Stress and pressure can have adverse affects on the well-being of a person, and need to be controlled.

    Now, this doesn’t mean you make a dash to your nearest therapist. There are a number of wonderful and smart apps that you can use on your phone. These brain training apps have been scientifically designed to target specific areas of the human mind and control harmful emotions such as anxiety, as well as to improve memory and sharpness of the brain.

    Here are 11 iPhone apps that you will not only enjoy but also find useful in keeping your mental health balanced at all times.

    1. Lumosity

    This app consists of games that focus on improving the user’s memory, problem-solving capability, attention span, and thinking. There are three games in each session, and they challenge the brain by changing every time. The user has to complete the games while playing against a clock.

    Free of trial. $15 per month for the full version.


    Luminosity Mind training apps-Lifehack

      2. Fit Brains Trainer

      This brain training app has 10 sets of games that work on different areas of the brain and improve memory as well as concentration. A user is required to finish a particular task from each category on a daily basis and the app tracks the progress by a color coded graph.


      Fit Brains Trainer Mind training apps-Lifehack

        3. CogniFit Brain Fitness

        Developed with the help of neuroscientists, this fun app improves a person’s cognitive abilities, which includes memory and concentration. The progress made by the user over a period of time can be tracked. Users can also play challenge rounds with their friends. The app also modifies the difficulty level to suit the profile of the user and provide recommendations based on the results. Spending 20–30 minutes a few times every week can give measurable improvement in the performance of a user.

        First four games free, then $13 a month.

        cognifit-Mind Training Apps-Lifehack

          4. Brain Fitness Pro

          The makers of this app claim that it can improve the IQ of a user, and improve intelligence and memory. The app is fun and is user friendly, and 30 minutes a day can fetch you results in less than three weeks.


          Buy for $3.99.

          5. Happify

          If nothing else makes you happy in life, this app will. Well, this is what the developers claim at least. This app comes loaded with lots of quizzes, polls and gratitude journals, which work on the fundamentals of positive psychology. The app also helps to control stress and emotions to make you feel better.

          Free to use.

          Happify-Mind Training Apps-Lifehack

            6. Clockwork Brain

            You will like the little gold robot that comes in every time to explain the next game you are going to play. While the games are not much different to those offered in apps such as Luminosity, the look and feel reminds me of a workshop from old times.



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              7. ReliefLink

              Initially created as an app for suicide prevention, it has found its use as a great app for tracking the mood of the user by taking measure of all things relevant to the user’s mental health. In case the user experiences high emotional stress, the app has a coping mechanism that includes voice-recorded mindfulness, exercises and music for relaxation. There is also a map that informs the user of the nearest therapist and medical facilities for mental health treatment.

              Relief Link - Mind Training Apps - Lifehack

                8. Eidetic

                Eidetic is a memory enhancement app and uses a ‘spaced repetition’ technique to help users memorize information such as important phone numbers, words, credit card details or passwords. It also notifies you when it’s time to take a test to see what you remember, so that you retain information in your long-term memory.

                Eidetic - Mind Training Apps - Lifehack

                  9. Braingle

                  Braingle helps to maintain the sharpness of the brain and improve the reasoning ability of a person through riddles and optical illusions. It is different from other brain training apps that employ memory and reaction based tests. You can also compete with your friends and family members in figuring out the fun riddles.


                  Briangle- Mind Training Apps-LIfehack

                    10. Not The Hole Story

                    If you have a penchant for solving hard riddles, then this app is a must-have for you. Filled with exclusive riddles along with a simple-to-use interface, the app gives you riddles that you have to solve through a book. You will be given hints along the way, and when you give up, the answers will be revealed. This app will encourage you to broaden your thinking and put your mind to a challenging test.



                    Not the hole story - Mind Training Apps - Lifehack

                      11. Personal Zen

                      This fun brain training app follows the journey of two animated characters who travel through a field of grass. Personal Zen is a nice app meant for reducing anxiety and trains the brain to focus on the positive aspects. The developer’s advice is to use the app for 10 minutes a day to see the best results.


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