10 Apps For Professionals To Easily Stay Organized

10 Apps For Professionals To Easily Stay Organized

There are times when we get so disorganized that getting everything done seems overwhelming. This is something that happens to all of us, and it is something that we can avoid if we are using the right tools. For instance, if you are trying to get more organized at your job, you can use one of these ten apps to help:

1. Casual


    This is an awesome visual app that helps you organize your to-dos and projects. It has a drag and drop interface, can link tasks in dependencies, task groups within projects, and gives you a sweet bird-eye view of the projects you are working on, as well as what is currently due. There are many features that give you a good view of how tasks can be grouped together, and how to get one thing done before moving on to the next.

    2. UberConference



      This app allows you to make conference calls without spending a lot of money. Membership is free, and you can start out with a maximum of five people per call. As you link your social media accounts, more people can join in the conversation, to a maximum of 17. The app makes it a lot easier to organize and hold conference calls.

      3. Things


        This tool breaks down big projects into smaller tasks, making it easier to get them done. You can use the program on your iPhone, iPad, or computer. The cost for this app is $50 for Mac users, $20 for iPad users, and $10 for iPhone users. Set time limits for projects, group tasks together, and more, and get more organized in your professional life.

        4. Tripit



          This is a great app for those who travel a lot. All of your travel information can be forwarded to [email protected], and you can get a complete itinerary for your trip. You can focus on the trip, and not the actual traveling.

          5. Freckle


            For just $19 per month, you can use Freckle to enter all details of how you and your employees spend your time at work. You can input projects, and how long you are working on the projects. Create time and budget breakdowns for everyone who is involved with the job. You can also have activity graphs, as well as summaries of hours, both billable and non-billable.

            6. Sqwiggle



              Sqwiggle is a video chat tool, it helps you stay in touch with your colleagues when you’re working remotely. Sqwiggle takes a screenshot of you every few seconds so your team can see what you’re doing, and just by clicking on another person you can join a quick conversation with them.

              7. Mindnode 


                This is a great tool for brainstorming ideas and visually placing information so everyone can see what is going on. This isn’t just another list of items. By the time you are done, all of the concepts and tasks you list will be placed on something that looks like a map you would see in a public transit system. The mind maps can be shared between Mac and iPad apps, which cost $20 and $10, respectively.

                8. RescueTime



                  Have you ever wondered exactly how much time you spend on various websites and doing other activities on your computer? You can find out when you use RescueTime, with a free membership, and a paid version for $6 per month. This app is for Macs and PC’s, and it will record how much time you spend on everything you do while working on your computer. If you opt for the paid version, you can actually set things up to block websites that distract you from your work.

                  9. CalenGoo


                    This free Google Calendar lets you schedule everything, from meetings to projects and more. Everyone involved can also make entries. You can also use the private diaries to plan every aspect in your life for many weeks at a time.

                    10. Scanner Pro


                      When you jot down notes, they often get lost. This app allows you to use your iPhone and iPad as portable scanners. You can scan your notes, so they never get lost.

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                      Published on January 18, 2019

                      Best 5 Language Learning Apps to Easily Master a New Language

                      Best 5 Language Learning Apps to Easily Master a New Language

                      Learning a new language is no easy feat. While a language instructor is irreplaceable, language learning apps have come to revolutionize a lot of things and it has made language learning much easier. Compared to language learning websites, apps offer a more interactive experience to learn a new language.

                      The following language learning apps are the top recommended apps for your language learning needs:

                      1. Duolingo

                        Duolingo is a very successful app that merged gamification and language learning. According to Expanded Ramblings, the app now counts with 300 million users.

                        Duolingo offers a unique concept, an easy-to-use app and is a great app to accompany your language acquisition journey. The courses are created by native speakers, so this is not data or algorithm-based.

                        The app is free and has the upgrade options with Duolingo Plus for $9.99, which are add free lessons. The mobile app offers 25 languages and is popular for English-speaking learners learning other languages.


                        Download the app

                        2. HelloTalk

                          HelloTalk aims to facilitate speaking practice and eliminate the stresses of a real-time and life conversation. The app allows users to connect to native speakers and has a WhatsApp like chat that imitates its interface.

                          There is a perk to this app. The same native speakers available also want to make an even exchange and learn your target language, so engagement is the name of the game.

                          What’s more, the app has integrated translation function that bypasses the difficulties of sending a message with a missing word and instead fills in the gap.

                          Download the app


                          3. Mindsnacks

                            Remember that Duolingo has integrated gamification in language learning? Well, Mindsnacks takes the concept to another level. There is an extensive list of languages available within the app comes with eight to nine games designed to learn grammar, vocabulary listening.

                            You will also be able to visualize your progress since the app integrates monitoring capabilities. The layout and interface is nothing short of enjoyable, cheerful and charming.

                            Download the app

                            4. Busuu

                              Bussu is a social language learning app. It is available on the web, Android, and iOS. It currently supports 12 languages and is free.


                              The functionality allows users to learn words, simple dialogues and questions related to the conversations. In addition, the dialogues are recorded by native speakers, which brings you close to the language learning experience.

                              When you upgrade, you unlock important features including course materials. The subscription is $17 a month.

                              Download the app

                              5. Babbel

                                Babbel is a subscription-based service founded in 2008. According to LinguaLift, it is a paid cousing of Duolingo. The free version comes with 40 classes, and does not require you to invest any money.

                                Each of the classes starts with with a sequential teaching of vocabulary with the help of pictures. The courses are tailor made and adapted to the students’ level, allowing the learning to be adjusted accordingly.


                                If you started learning a language and stopped, Babbel will help you pick up where you started.

                                Download the app


                                All the apps recommended are tailored for different needs, whether you’re beginning to learn a language or trying to pick back up one. All of them are designed by real-life native speakers and so provide you with a more concrete learning experience.

                                Since these apps are designed to adapt to different kinds of learning styles, do check out which one is the most suitable for you.

                                Featured photo credit: Yura Fresh via

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