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Find Out If Your Daily Routine's Similar To Any of These Highly Creative People


What’s your daily routine like?

Many assume that famous inventors and artists such as Mozart and Darwin had rigid schedules. We picture them slaving away in front of a pile of books day in, day out. According to the infographic, geniuses of the past had plenty of time to party, sleep and hangout, just like everyone else.

They acknowledged that time away from their professions was essential to the growth of their character and personality. Without a balanced schedule, one is prone to unnecessary stress and pressure, which could hinder the creative process.

More importantly, the inventors featured in the infographic did not waste their time sitting outside the porch or staring into space. They kept their minds running and active by staying engaged socially.

As a result, they were constantly learning about new things and expanded their minds in the process.

Creative Routines of Creative People {Infographic} | Best Infographics


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