35 Life Hacks for Kids That Make Parenting Easier And More Fun

35 Life Hacks for Kids That Make Parenting Easier And More Fun

Parenting is never an easy job. While you need to take good care of your kid to make sure that they are happily growing up, you don’t want to spoil them.

Are there any parenting hacks that make this easier? Yes, here’re 35 life hacks for kids all moms (and dads) should learn to make parenting easier and more fun.

Let’s start with some life hacks for babies and toddlers, and as you scroll down you’ll find more hacks for bigger kids!

1. Put a basket in the bathtub when your child is bathing so that the toys won’t flow away.

    2. This baby shower cap prevents the water from going into the baby’s eyes while bathing.

      3. Use this baby stroller and scooter hybrid to speed up the ride.

        4. Make a laundry basket baby seat.

        Learn how to make your own here.


          5. Keep pacifiers clean on the go with sauce-to-go containers.

            6. Stick a dropper through an already cut pacifier to give medicine to babies.

              7. Draw out your kid’s feet so you don’t need to always carry him/her around to buy shoes.

                8. Put a hook at the back of a high chair to bold the bibs.

                  9. Instead of nailing a baby gate into the banister, use cable ties to do so and you can just easily remove the gate when the kids grow up.

                    10. Make this little hammock to rest your kid at home.

                      11. Buy baby clothes like this to identify your twin babies.

                        12. Buy a portable high chair so that you can feed your kid everywhere easily.


                          13. Use pads to help children go through the potty-training process.

                            14. Turn the baby crib into a desk as the kid grows up.

                              15. Use a barrette to fix a loose tank top of a little girl.

                                16. Use a vacuum to tie a daughter’s hair like this.

                                17. Cut the lotion bottle and make washing hands easier for little children.

                                  18. Cut a sticker in half and place it on the insides of their shoes so your kids will put their shoes on correctly.

                                    19. Use a cardboard to make a slide over the stairs at home.

                                      20. Teach your kids to help cleaning up by playing this game with them.

                                        21. Let your kids have fun “playing” video games but not interrupt you playing games by giving them fake remote controls.

                                          22. Reuse a pool noodle and make it a door stopper.


                                            23. Have a get-along-shirt for your kids and when they start to fight, make them wear it.

                                              24. Tie a rope over the swing and pull it so your kid will have fun and so will you.

                                                25. Use a fan to make your kid’s bed a tent.

                                                  26. Hang a fort with a hoola-hoop and bed sheet.

                                                  Learn how to make one here.

                                                    27. Make your kid a sandpit with a tent.

                                                      28. Use a muffin cup to prevent the melting ice-cream from getting your kids’ hands dirty.

                                                        29. Turn the DVD cases into coloring cases.


                                                          30. Make a portable activity kit for kids when traveling around

                                                          Check out how to make one here.

                                                            31. Tie a shoe caddy at the back of your car seat to hold all the dolls and games for kids.

                                                              32. Put a tattoo sticker on your kids in case they’re lost.

                                                                33. Have this mitten and never lose your child.

                                                                  34. Turn tube socks into kids’ legs warmers.

                                                                  Find out how to do it here.

                                                                    35. Buy this cute knight helmet which can also mask the face to keep the kid warm.


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                                                                      Last Updated on December 2, 2021

                                                                      The Importance of Making a Camping Checklist

                                                                      The Importance of Making a Camping Checklist

                                                                      Camping can be hard work, but it’s the preparation that’s even harder. There are usually a lot of things to do in order to make sure that you and your family or friends have the perfect camping experience. But sometimes you might get to your destination and discover that you have left out one or more crucial things.

                                                                      There is no dispute that preparation and organization for a camping trip can be quite overwhelming, but if it is done right, you would see at the end of the day, that it was worth the stress. This is why it is important to ensure optimum planning and execution. For this to be possible, it is advised that in addition to a to-do-list, you should have a camping checklist to remind you of every important detail.


                                                                      Why You Should Have a Camping Checklist

                                                                      Creating a camping checklist makes for a happy and always ready camper. It also prevents mishaps.  A proper camping checklist should include every essential thing you would need for your camping activities, organized into various categories such as shelter, clothing, kitchen, food, personal items, first aid kit, informational items, etc. These categories should be organized by importance. However, it is important that you should not list more than you can handle or more than is necessary for your outdoor adventure.

                                                                      Camping checklists vary depending on the kind of camping and outdoor activities involved. You should not go on the internet and compile a list of just any camping checklist. Of course, you can research camping checklists, but you have to put into consideration the kind of camping you are doing. It could be backpacking, camping with kids, canoe camping, social camping, etc. You have to be specific and take note of those things that are specifically important to your trip, and those things which are generally needed in all camping trips no matter the kind of camping being embarked on.


                                                                      Here are some tips to help you prepare for your next camping trip.

                                                                      1. First off, you must have found the perfect campground that best suits your outdoor adventure. If you haven’t, then you should. Sites like Reserve America can help you find and reserve a campsite.
                                                                      2. Find or create a good camping checklist that would best suit your kind of camping adventure.
                                                                      3. Make sure the whole family is involved in making out the camping check list or downloading a proper checklist that reflects the families need and ticking off the boxes of already accomplished tasks.
                                                                      4. You should make out or download a proper checklist months ahead of your trip to make room for adjustments and to avoid too much excitement and the addition of unnecessary things.
                                                                      5. Checkout Camping Hacks that would make for a more fun camping experience and prepare you for different situations.

                                                                      Now on to the checklist!


                                                                      Here is how your checklist should look

                                                                      1. CAMPSITE GEAR

                                                                      • Tent, poles, stakes
                                                                      • Tent footprint (ground cover for under your tent)
                                                                      • Extra tarp or canopy
                                                                      • Sleeping bag for each camper
                                                                      • Sleeping pad for each camper
                                                                      • Repair kit for pads, mattress, tent, tarp
                                                                      • Pillows
                                                                      • Extra blankets
                                                                      • Chairs
                                                                      • Headlamps or flashlights ( with extra batteries)
                                                                      • Lantern
                                                                      • Lantern fuel or batteries

                                                                      2.  KITCHEN

                                                                      • Stove
                                                                      • Fuel for stove
                                                                      • Matches or lighter
                                                                      • Pot
                                                                      • French press or portable coffee maker
                                                                      • Corkscrew
                                                                      • Roasting sticks for marshmallows, hot dogs
                                                                      • Food-storage containers
                                                                      • Trash bags
                                                                      • Cooler
                                                                      • Ice
                                                                      • Water bottles
                                                                      • Plates, bowls, forks, spoons, knives
                                                                      • Cups, mugs
                                                                      • Paring knife, spatula, cooking spoon
                                                                      • Cutting board
                                                                      • Foil
                                                                      • soap
                                                                      • Sponge, dishcloth, dishtowel
                                                                      • Paper towels
                                                                      • Extra bin for washing dishes

                                                                      3. CLOTHES

                                                                      • Clothes for daytime
                                                                      • Sleepwear
                                                                      • Swimsuits
                                                                      • Rainwear
                                                                      • Shoes: hiking/walking shoes, easy-on shoes, water shoes
                                                                      • Extra layers for warmth
                                                                      • Gloves
                                                                      • Hats

                                                                      4. PERSONAL ITEMS

                                                                      • Sunscreen
                                                                      • Insect repellent
                                                                      • First-aid kit
                                                                      • Prescription medications
                                                                      • Toothbrush, toiletries
                                                                      • Soap

                                                                      5. OTHER ITEMS

                                                                      • Camera
                                                                      • Campsite reservation confirmation, phone number
                                                                      • Maps, area information

                                                                      This list is not completely exhaustive. To make things easier, you can check specialized camping sites like RealSimpleRainyAdventures, and LoveTheOutdoors that have downloadable camping checklists that you can download on your phone or gadget and check as you go.

                                                                      Featured photo credit: Scott Goodwill via

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