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20 Interesting Bookmarks You’ll Want So Badly

Written by Siobhan Harmer
Siobhan is a passionate writer sharing about motivation and happiness tips on Lifehack.
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Aloha, fellow bookworms! How often do you find yourself having to put tattered old bookmarks or even random pieces of paper, stray pens or other random place holders into your pristine, delicate books? Do you wish bookmarks were a little more interesting and added a bit more whimsy to your reading experiences? Well your needs have been answered, and below are 20 beautiful, intriguing bookmarks you can get to up your book-game!

1. The Lamp.


      Use this charming lamp bookmark to shine a light on your last page! Available from Asufa Design.

      2. The Ruby Slippers.


        Perfect for fans of Wicked or The Wizard of Oz, this movie memorabilia is a fantastic throwback to a classic. Available on Etsy.

        3. The Help.


          Simple yet quirky, these raised arms yell “keep reading!” Available from Design Boom.

          4.  The Owl.


            Great for animal lovers or night owls, these owl bookmarks will look particularly great in older, vintage novels. Available from Etsy.

            5. The Squirrel.


              Cute and different, these squirrel bookmarks come as part of a jungle themed pack which also includes gorillas and giraffes. Available from Connect Design.

              8. The Dr Who.


                Fantastic for Dr. Who fans, these bookmarks are cute and nerdy. Available from Etsy.

                9. The Final Fantasy VII.


                  Here’s a fun little DIY project for any FFVII fans out there. After all, only DIY awaits you all. But do not fear. For it is through DIY that a new spirit energy is born, am I right? I recommend printing this image onto photo paper, or if you don’t have any print onto usual A4 and glue the image on to card for a sturdier marker.

                  10. The Crochet Flower.


                    For those who appreciate the delicate art of crochet, there are numerous flower bookmarks available from Etsy.

                    11. The Retro Cassette.


                      These days you can get almost anything in the style of cassette tapes, except perhaps for actual cassette tapes. This bookmark is available from Connect Design.

                      12. The Blood.


                        Perfect if you’re a fan of murder mysteries or the horror genre, these bloodstains are extremely eye-catching and says a lot about your personality. Available fro Connex.

                        13. The Grass.


                          For the nature lovers among us, these grass bookmarks are simple yet make a huge statement. Available from The Japan Trend Shop.

                          14. The Zippers.


                            These zipper bookmarks are so simple yet clever, they’ll make a perfect gift for students. Available on Amazon.

                            15. The BRB.


                              Great for thicker books that will take a while to get through, this bookmark will hopefully encourage you to return to the novel or textbook. Available from Animi Causa.

                              16. The Hippo.


                                Turn your book into a hippo’s home with Hippomark! Available from Peleg Design.

                                17. The Finger.


                                  If you’re partial to leaving your book before you’ve finished a full page – because you’re a daredevil who lives on the edge – then you need this great bookmark that will remind you where you left off. Available from Not On The High Street.

                                  18. The Table Lamp.


                                    For extreme book readers, this table lamp turned bookmark is a must have for your bedside table! Available from All Modern.

                                    19. The Covers.

                                      bookworm-gift-ideas-book-lovers-32 XX-Of-The-Most-Creative-Bookmarks-Ever13__700

                                        These bookmark cleverly incorporate a page marker as well as minimalistic themed covers. Available from IcoEye.

                                        20. The Sprout.


                                          Let your ideas sprout from the pages using these great little bookmarks! Available from Suck.

                                          Featured photo credit: Medium | Death To The Stock Photo via medium.com

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