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The Unwritten (Now Written) Golden Rules of Friendship

Written by Sanah Rizvi
Sanah is an influential public speaker and a devoted advocator of female rights.
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A best friend is someone you’re not only going to love all your life, they are also your biggest critic and strongest supporter. They are your late-night mentors, daylight umbrellas, and midday co-conspirators. Not only do best friends adore you, they also make it a point to let the world know that they do. You feel secure with them, but more importantly being vulnerable never felt as comfortable as it does when you’re with them.

Best friends calm your deepest fears and tickle all your funny bones. They are truly a blessing you stumbled upon and here are some unwritten rules of friendship that every best friend follows! So grab your best friend and be ready to grin in merry excitement as you guys check off these rules together!

The 40 Golden Rules of Friendship

  1. They’re always there for support.
  2. They point out your mistakes truthfully.
  3. They care about you but don’t smother you.
  4. They don’t try to escape when things get hard, instead they become your pillar and help you find a way through the mess.
  5. They can’t bear to see you cry and they know your quick fixes.
  6. They help you stare down that creepy person at the bar.
  7. They listen to you repeat the same story over and overand still have the patience to advise you.
  8. They’ve seen you at your worst and your best and yet they love you unconditionally.
  9. They aren’t afraid of your crazy moods and ideas. (Or lack thereof!)
  10. They know all your cues so you don’t have to bother explaining it to them yet again.
  11. They don’t shy away from tough love.
  12. They are brutally honest yet heart-wrenchingly warm.
  13. They tell you when you’re being unreasonable and yet stand with you even if they don’t agree with you.
  14. They are your partners in crime and behind-the-screen directors to your crazies.
  15. They help you succeed and celebrate your successes and/or the lessons you learn from your failures.
  16. They know how to make you smile and don’t mind being judged while doing so.
  17. They notice every change about you—the haircut, the new color, the goatee—and report it to you with a prompt, sassy response.
  18. They are your go-to guy when nothing is right and your first call when everything is right.
  19. They make you laugh hysterically especially at all the wrong moments.
  20. They know all your evil plans and are often your right-hand guys.
  21. They are always there to give you advice, ice cream or a beer.
  22. They are your biggest advocates and loudest fans.
  23. They are your travel buddies and even your yoga buddies.
  24. They are your personal movie critics and can often tell whether or not you’ll like the movie.
  25. They never try to change you, even early in the morning when you look or behave like The Hulk on a diet.
  26. They encourage all your dreams and aspirations and fend off those who don’t.
  27. They are always a phone call away no matter how far apart you are in person.
  28. They laugh with you and at you, but glare at anyone else who does.
  29. They help you pick out hideous Halloween costumes just so they can laugh at you.
  30. They can tell your mood just by the way you text.
  31. They accept your differences graciously but only after laughing at them first.
  32. They are invariably a part of at least 75% of the selfies you take.
  33. They are your personal photographers armed with iPhones and maybe even a DSLR.
  34. They are ever-ready for an adventure with you, no matter how crazy or scary or boring. (But can adventures ever be boring with your friends?)
  35. They are your excuse when you get busted.
  36. They listen to you—truly, deeply and fully.
  37. They can talk to you about anything, and can often recite how many time you did that thing you regretted the minute after you did it.
  38. They are fiercely loyal.
  39. Silences aren’t awkward with them, most conversations, by conventional standards, are.
  40. They become your chosen family, and more importantly, they do so willingly.

Featured photo credit: Lara Cores via flickr.com

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