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Positive Thinking

10 Ways to Be a Better Person And Be Happy

Written by Jeet Banerjee
Serial Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, Self Made, Striving For Greatness.
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Everyone wants to learn how to be a better person, but some people don’t know where to start.

At the end of each day, I like to reflect and see what I can do to become a better person. Not only that, but I have a goal of leaving an imprint on the world by doing great things. By setting aside some time each day to reflect on what behaviors were good and bad, I have the opportunity to grow.

Growing up, I wasn’t the nicest kid. I would make fun of others, I was selfish, and I thought the world revolved around me. Fast-forward a few years, and I’ve grown tremendously. I’m no longer the annoying child I was because I have grown and learned what becoming a better person means.

After learning what it means to be a better person, I’ve been able to develop my persona into someone I don’t mind being. I am a lot happier with who I am, and I would have no problem telling my future kids the type of person I am.

How to Be a Better Person?

Here are 10 ways how to become a better person through self-development:

1. Be Willing to Change

In order to become a better person, you have to be willing to change.

Change is the only way to grow and progress into the person you want to become. Many people are against change, which can make it very hard to grow.

When you keep an open mind and are willing to change, you’ll learn how to be better and grow into the person you want to become.

Here’s How to Overcome Your Resistance to Change for a Better Self.

2. Stop Making Excuses

When I first started my company in high school, I made excuses every time something went wrong. I would blame others, blame the customer, or anyone else involved. However, I would never blame myself for things that went wrong.


Instead, I learned that taking accountability for your own mistakes is extremely important. I stopped making excuses, took the blame when it was truly my fault, and was able to achieve so much more. By understanding that I made a mistake, I was able to use my mistakes to learn, which in turn helped me become a better person.

If you find it difficult to stop making excuses for yourself, take a look at this article: 7 Ways to Eliminate Your Excuses.

3. Stop Being Angry

Many people let anger and rage alter their decision-making skills. I used to be an angry person growing up, but I only saw it damage relationships with people and increase my blood pressure.

Controlling anger is an extremely difficult skill to master, but it is very beneficial. Instead of getting angry, I decided to find a way to change my negative emotion. Staying angry doesn’t help me or solve any problems. It only creates more of them.

Find some way of relaxing your nerves when you’re angry, and a stress ball was very helpful for me. Maybe one of these would work for you, too: 40 Simple And Brilliant Ways To Relax and De-stress.

4. Be a Role Model

Sometimes, you need to be a role model to someone to become a better you. Once I became an entrepreneur and people started to look up to me, I became a lot more cautious about the way I behaved. I didn’t want to disappoint people by showing them I was immature or a bad role model.


You can start small and be a “big brother” to someone, coach a kids’ team, or be a role model to your children. No matter what you choose to do, always make decisions that the person looking up to you will respect.

5. Forgive Someone

Forgiving someone who hurt you is very difficult to do. When I got upset at someone for doing something, I could never forgive them. Even if it was a petty thing, I would hold it against them for the rest of their lives which was not healthy.

I quickly learned that humans are prone to making mistakes. Instead of holding mistakes against them for life, try to forgive someone. To learn how to be a better person and be happy, go through your past, and forgive someone that did something to hurt you.

If you’re struggling to forgive someone, take a look at this guide: How to Forgive and Live a Happy Life Again (A Step-By-Step Guide).

6. Listen to People

People are extremely busy with their careers, families, and lives. Everyone is in a rush, but people rarely ever have time to listen to what others have to say. I learned that listening to people and giving everyone a voice is one of the greatest things you can do.

I got to meet some of the most amazing people, close some of the biggest deals, and develop connections that will last me a lifetime, all because I took the time to listen to people.


Being a good listener can change your life in a positive manner. Try these tips: How to Practice Active Listening (A Step-By-Step Guide).

7. Be Honest

Honest people are hard to come by nowadays. However, honesty is the best remedy for any situation. Promise yourself that you won’t tell any lies for a month straight.

Challenge yourself to be honest by developing good habits. If you’re a compulsive liar, start small by trying to be honest for 1 day. After you accomplish a smaller goal, increase the goal by 2 or 3. This is one of the best tips on how to become the person you want to be.

8. Do Something You Don’t Want To

Keeping an open mind and trying things that you wouldn’t normally do is a very easy way to become a better person. Take a risk and challenge yourself to try something you’ve always been scared to do. You’ll only live your best life once you step out — here’s why.

Growing up, I was terrified of roller coasters. However, I eventually gave in as a teenager and had the time of my life. I would have never experienced roller coasters unless I had been willing to get over my fear and give it a shot. That one experience has led me to try numerous other new things.

9. Surprise Someone Special

Do you have a loved one in your life? Whether it’s your spouse/romantic partner, your children, or a family member, plan a special surprise for them. If you know someone who deserves a nice vacation or a new gift, buy it for them.


One of the most rewarding feelings in the world is knowing that you made someone smile. Surprise the special someone in your life by doing something out of the ordinary for them!

10. Take Good Care of Yourself

While you cannot control every circumstance you face, you can control how you respond. And how you respond is determined by how well you look after yourself. When you take care of yourself, you’ll grow as a human being and face every challenge in your environment.

Self-care is essential in building resilience when facing challenges. When you are tired and consume junk food all day, you are likely to react to the challenges you face in life. Reacting can create more problems for you and other people in your environment. You need to take good care of your body, mind, and soul to solve problems effectively.

You need to:

  • Sleep: Sleep plays an important role in promoting your physical and emotional well-being. Lack of enough sleep weakens your immunity, harms your focus, and leads to emotional imbalances. Sacrificing your sleep can take a toll on your body. The average adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep every night to function optimally.
  • Eat well: You need to consume nutritious foods regularly to feel happy and energetic. A poor diet will always leave you feeling tired and bloated. Consuming vegetables and fruits regularly will not only improve your health but also help you feel good about yourself.
  • Socialize: Connecting with others regularly is one of the best ways to deal with problems and negative emotions. While it’s challenging to find time for loved ones or even share your problems, socializing will make you a better human being.
  • Downtime: You need to allocate enough time for yourself. This means finding time to meditate, journal, and reflect. You can easily solve complex problems and become a better person by doing these exercises regularly.


We all want to be the best versions of ourselves. And there are a lot of ways to improve ourselves. Improving yourself can help you achieve your goals and feel happy about yourself. When things get difficult, you don’t have to be too hard on yourself. By using the tips that we’ve shared here, you’ll not only solve your problems but also become a better human being.

Featured photo credit: Jessica Felicio via unsplash.com

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