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9 Sad Truths About Being A Younger Sister

Written by Casey Imafidon
Specialized in motivation and personal growth, providing advice to make readers fulfilled and spurred on to achieve all that they desire in life.
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It is always great to be a younger sister as it comes with certain benefits.  However there are sad truths that can make us resent the concept at certain points in our lives. Sometimes it is better and more revealing to stare at these realities and understand how we can manage the situations that it presents. Here are 9 sad truths about being a younger sister.

1.Your older sister always termed you to “the adopted one”

In order to mess with you, this was a ploy to make you upset. Over and over your older siblings would try to make you feel that you do not belong there with them.

2.You have zero pictures of just you

It can’t be just you in a photo. There will be older ones to share the spotlight with you. At least an older sibling/cousin will always be in there.

3.You had intensive training at home

You might have been trained like a military officer because over time you have become a pro at obeying orders. Discipline was part of the rigors of being an older sister.

4.You are not sure of your real name

It would have been better to be recognized for being you but everyone calls you someone’s sister. No one wants to know your name, they prefer referring to you by your older siblings.

5.You started school with a ready-made profile

Before you ever met them, every teacher knew who you were. Although it might sound amusing, you seemed to be a legend even on your first day at school.

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6.You never grow up

In the eyes of your aunts, uncles, parents, and or grandparents, you will always be seen as the little 4-year-old. Even when you are all grown up, you are referred to as the little one.

7.You found the accomplishments of your older ones difficult to surpass

Sometimes you find yourself not as good or as accomplished as your older relatives, enough to make you cry all night. The standards before you were challenging enough.

8.You usually had to get stuck with doing what your older siblings did

Your parents could not drive to two activities at once so you had to participate in the same activities that your older siblings partook in. Asking to be escorted to your favorite sporting event was always too much to ask.

9.Your boyfriends/girlfriends have to be interrogated by at least seven different people

To be sure you are making the right decision; you have older ones who will protect your interest in every way possible. Somehow your boyfriends/girlfriends will have to pass a stiff screening process before they are accommodated by the family.

Being the younger sister comes with various challenges but as you grow older you get used to the difficulties it presents! They are something that only younger siblings can understand.

Featured photo credit: older sisters tightly holding hands her younger beautiful sister with Down syndrome via shutterstock.com

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