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19 Motivational Quotes from Albert Einstein

Are you in the mood for some motivational quotes from Albert Einstein today? If you’re into motivation and inspiration, then you should be!

It’s likely that nearly everyone in this world knows who Albert Einstein is. As the proclaimed Father of Modern Physics, most people would consider Albert Einstein as a huge source of their motivation as well. After all, no-one believed in his abilities when he was a young kid; his teachers rejected him and his classmates mocked him, and yet, all his discoveries are foundations of the teachings in our science curriculum and seemingly everyone sings songs of praise about him today.

Isn’t that motivating enough for you?

Well, you might also be surprised to know that it isn’t only his life that is highly motivating: his quotes are truly inspirational and life-changing, too!

To get you more motivated, here are 19 quotes by Albert Einstein. Read them, absorb them, and most of all, live them in your day-to-day lives.

What’s your favorite among these motivational quotes from Albert Einstein? Mine’s number 11—I also believe that life is a long journey filled with experiences. Once you’re able to make sense of these experiences, you’ll truly be able to live life to the fullest.

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