7 Best Outdoor Security Cameras For Better Home Security

7 Best Outdoor Security Cameras For Better Home Security

With an increase in crime, it’s no doubt that security and protection have become the biggest concern for all of us. We live with this overwhelming responsibility of protecting our loved ones all the time. But how can we protect them when we are away from home? 

Thankfully, the invention of outdoor security cameras has been a source of relief. Outdoor cameras are the modern version of hiring a guard for your protection. The only difference is that it’s more efficient and something worthy of your investment. Below we have compiled a list of the best outdoor security cameras available in the market. 

Why Trust Us

With features such as being voice-controlled by a screen Alexa device, the ability to detect movements of wild animals as soon as they enter the detecting range, and with batteries that last up to 3~6 months, we’ve listed top home security cameras for you to increase the level of your home security. While some of them are already bestsellers, some of them have also been praised by PCMag and Wirecutter. 

What to Look for When Shopping

  • Battery Backup – If the power goes out, a battery backup is a failsafe in place to ensure the camera(s) can still function.
  • Mobile App – Does the company provide one or not? You’ll also want to be looking at the user experience too. 
  • Motion Detection – Each camera has recording features connected to motion detection, however, each camera has its sensitivity. Some will record when people are moving around. Others may start recording as soon as they see a bird flying by or other animals.
  • Night Vision – How well does the camera work in the dark? Those that have night visions will be ideal.
  • Viewing Angle – Positioning is key but depending on the camera, you may be forced to position the camera in specific locations rather than wherever you like. For example, some have to be nailed or drilled into your home. This can be troublesome if your house’s exterior is stone or brick.

1. RING Floodlight Camera

    Our first suggestion is the FloodLight Camera from Ring. This security camera aims to replace your dated one with a floodlight cam.

    Thanks to the floodlights, you’ll be able to see people during the night from large distances. The camera itself records in HD and you have ample support via the app. Through the app, you can talk to people through the camera and by using Alexa.

    Due to the use of floodlights, the camera itself doesn’t have any night vision associated with it. This is a problem in the event the bulbs burn out, which will happen eventually. Replacing the bulbs is difficult and if it’s under warranty, Ring will send you an entirely new camera instead of replacing the bulbs.

    Buy the camera here.


    2. CAMPARK Camera

      While the CAMPARK camera has a “hunting” vibe to it, it’s a sound wireless security camera to use. Furthermore, it comes with a few more perks compared to other cameras on this list.

      Since this outdoor security camera is built for hunting, this is one of the few that is completely waterproof. Furthermore, its sensors are sharp and will naturally have night vision.

      That said, there are a few downsides. Because of the higher sensitivity, you may find this camera to take a lot of unnecessary pictures and videos. Furthermore, because this is meant for outdoors, you’ll need to supply an SD card to store videos and pictures as well as batteries. 

      If you pick this one, the company advises to not buy the memory card that’s with the “Frequently bought together” as it’s not compatible with the camera.

      Buy the camera here.

      3. ZUMIMALL Camera

        One of the best outdoor security cameras and most affordable is this one from Zumimall. This surveillance camera offers a lot of value in it that is competitive with even the higher brands.


        The security camera itself is 100% wireless, connects through Wifi, and is battery-operated. It also has night vision features and handles cold, heat, and rain very well. Other features include two-way audio and multiple remote access. Also, the batteries have 6-month battery life and are rechargeable.

        The only point of criticism is the storage. It’s to be expected since you are saving a bit of money from this, but the cloud storage offered is limited. For free, you can store your videos and pictures for up to seven days before the old pictures and videos are replaced. This can be an issue if you are away for prolonged periods. You’ll also need to supply your own SD card. Furthermore, users have experienced issues with the battery itself.

        Buy the camera here.

        4. Victure Security Camera

          Another one of the great home security cameras around is from Victure. This compact camera isn’t designed for outdoors, however, it holds up well as an internal security camera. It’s great for monitoring babies, elderly, and pets.

          Like the other best security cameras on this list, it offers similar services like recording, video encryption, night vision, and two-way audio. However, due to the compact nature, you’ll find it easy to position this camera on top of any kind of surface. It also offers a very broad view of what it’s recording.

          All that said, this is specifically an indoor camera and there is no option to mount it anywhere. You’ll need a flat surface for the camera to be on. This is difficult if you want it to record outside of your home since you’ll need a ledge indoors for it to stand on.

          Buy the camera here.


          5. Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera

            If you’re looking for top-quality surveillance systems, this is one of the best choices out there. This 100% wireless surveillance equipment offers flexible recharging options through plugged in rechargeable batteries, weatherproof cameras, and recording 1080p HD videos and more.

            The few points of criticism for this product is that no wall mount comes with the package. The cameras do have a flat bottom so you can place them on ledges and such without any problem, but positioning them may be tricky.

            The other thing is the cloud storage is only available for the first 7 days of your purchase for free. Afterward, you’ll have to pay a subscription service to store them, and even then, they keep up to 7 days of videos and pictures.

            Buy the camera here.

            6. Google NEST Security Camera

              Google over the years has been coming up with innovative ways to incorporate electronics into the home. One such product they’ve created is the Google Nest security camera.

              It is one of the most reliable surveillance cameras around, offering a 1080p video 24/7, a 130-degree wide view, night vision, and is controllable from anywhere with the app on your phone. Aside from the standard features, this is one of the few cameras that send notifications to your phone when the camera detects motion.


              The catch to this camera is that it’s one of the few wired cameras. The cable itself is weatherproof so you can have it outside without issues. That said, this can restrict where you position these cameras since the cord is 25 feet long.

              Buy the camera here.

              7. ZOSI Security Camera System

                The final camera on our list is the security camera systems from Zosi. Considering it’s a system, you’ll get several security cameras from this bundle compared to others.

                These CCTV cameras pack a lot of quality in that they offer 80 feet of night vision, are weatherproof, give alerts when they spot motion, strong motion detection, and more.

                The downside to this system is that these require to be wired to a central hub, though the central hub is included. However, the wiring can be disorganized and cumbersome. One camera is tolerable, but if you want to use all eight, you’ll need to come up with creative solutions to wire them all properly.

                Buy the camera here.

                Bottom Line

                From what we’ve seen, these are some of the best security cameras you can get on the market. Aside from a few issues, these network security cameras can provide great home security, crisp videos, and offer extra benefits, too. You can’t go wrong with selecting one of these systems.


                More Security Options for Your Home

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