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30 Relatively Low Stress Jobs For a Calmer Life

Written by Wen Shan
Proud Philosophy grad. Based in HK.
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For a lot of us, our jobs take up most of our waking hours. Very often, it can feel like the stress that comes with the pay is overwhelming, and we’ll start to wonder if we should be doing something else with our lives. Here are 30 low stress jobs, according to the Occupational Information Network Database. The database calculates a stress tolerance score for each job on a scale of 0 to 100, 0 being the lowest stress level.[1] Hopefully you will find some pleasant surprises, as well as some inspiration from the list.


Stress Tolerance Score: 63

Annual Salary: US$89,700

Job Description: Conduct fieldwork or laboratory research, analyze physical aspects of the Earth such as composition and structure

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree

Glass Blowers

Stress Tolerance Score: 62

Annual Salary: US$29,630

Job Description: Heat glass and shape molten glass into glassware, inspect products for quality

Education Requirements: Vocational training or apprenticeship

Applications Software Developers

Stress Tolerance Score: 61

Annual Salary: US$98,260

Job Description: Create and develop computer applications software, update applications software and systems, analyze data on performance and user experience

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree


Stress Tolerance Score: 61

Annual Salary: US$35,630

Job Description: Check for and correct grammatical, typographical, or style errors in copies

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree


Stress Tolerance Score: 61

Annual Salary: US$111,580

Job Description: Develop theories of observed physical phenomena, conduct experiments, publish findings in academic journals

Education Requirements: Graduate degree

Solar Energy Systems Engineers

Stress Tolerance Score: 61

Annual Salary: US$95,900

Job Description: Design and evaluate solar projects for residential, commercial, or industrial customers, such as water heating systems

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree


Stress Tolerance Score: 73

Annual Salary: US$24,170

Job Description: Handle ovens and other machines to produce baked goods from measured ingredients

Education Requirements: High school diploma, or apprenticeship

Dental Hygienists

Stress Tolerance Score: 71

Annual Salary: US$72,330

Job Description: Examine gums, clean apparatus, manage medical histories

Education Requirements: Vocational schools training

Post-secondary Psychology Teachers

Stress Tolerance Score: 71

Annual Salary: US$70,260

Job Description: Prepare course materials, give lectures to students, grade assignments (may include laboratory work) and exams, conduct research

Education Requirements: Graduate degree


Stress Tolerance Score: 70

Annual Salary: US$56,880

Job Description: Assist patrons in locating needed information, acquire, catalog, and maintain library materials

Education Requirements: Graduate degree

Art Directors

Stress Tolerance Score: 69

Annual Salary: US$89,760

Job Description: Manage projects and budget, formulate and review style of content, present designs to clients

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree (some jobs in the field do not require a degree, depending on experience)

Technical Writers

Stress Tolerance Score: 69

Annual Salary: US$70,240

Job Description: write, edit, and review technical materials such as equipment manuals, conduct research, communicate with engineers and producers

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree

Computer Hardware Engineers

Stress Tolerance Score: 67

Annual Salary: US$111,730

Job Description: Design and develop computer equipment, test products, coordinate with software engineers to improve system performance

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree


Stress Tolerance Score: 67

Annual Salary: US$187,200+

Job Description: Diagnose abnormalities of the teeth and the jaw, apply dental devices in patients’ mouths, review dental medical histories of patients

Education Requirements: Post-doctoral training

Hand Sewers

Stress Tolerance Score: 67

Annual Salary: US$23,640

Job Description: Use needles and thread to join parts of garments, toys, or books, etc.

Education Requirements: Vocational training or apprenticeship, or high school diploma

Political Scientists

Stress Tolerance Score: 67

Annual Salary: US$99,730

Job Description: Teach political science at tertiary institutions, research government policies, develop theories, publish academic writings

Education Requirements: Graduate degree

Self-enrichment Education Teachers

Stress Tolerance Score: 66

Annual Salary: US$36,680

Job Description: Conduct classes or workshops on self-improvement (courses may not be academic or occupational)

Education Requirements: Related experience in the field, or vocational training

Judicial Law Clerks

Stress Tolerance Score: 65

Annual Salary: US$50,740

Job Description: Assist judges in court, prepare and review legal documents

Education Requirements: Professional degree

Mapping Technicians

Stress Tolerance Score: 63

Annual Salary: US$42,010

Job Description: Produce physical and digital maps, check and update maps, develop and maintain geographic or topographic databases

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree

Post-secondary Law Teachers

Stress Tolerance Score: 63

Annual Salary: US$105,250

Job Description: Teach courses in law, prepare course materials, conduct research

Education Requirements: Graduate degree or professional degree

Operations Research Analysts

Stress Tolerance Score: 63

Annual Salary: US$78,630

Job Description: Use mathematical methods to study data, assist in decision-making by the management, prepare project reports including cost, logistics, etc.

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or graduate degree (typically master’s)

Massage Therapists

Stress Tolerance Score: 63

Annual Salary: US$38,040

Job Description: Apply pressure on clients’ soft tissues and joints, suggest treatment to clients based on medical or physical conditions

Education Requirements: Vocational school training


Stress Tolerance Score: 59

Annual Salary: US$99,180

Job Description: Conduct research, develop and test theories of economic issues including market trends and public policies

Education Requirements: Graduate degree


Stress Tolerance Score: 58

Annual Salary: US$19,770

Job Description: Cultivate crops such as vegetables and grains in the field (manually or using farm vehicles)

Education Requirements: Mainly experience in the field

Travel Agents

Stress Tolerance Score: 57

Annual Salary: US$35,660

Job Description: Plan and sell tours, evaluate costs of accommodation, transportation, etc. for customers

Education Requirements: High school diploma and/or experience in the field

Food Scientists

Stress Tolerance Score: 56

Annual Salary: US$65,840

Job Description: Study the processing and deterioration of foods, design methods of study, inspect quality of raw materials and food products


Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree

Remote Sensing Scientists

Stress Tolerance Score: 52

Annual Salary: US$97,130

Job Description: Analyze data and design projects for purposes including urban planning and homeland security

Education Requirements: Graduate degree

Door-to-door Sales Workers

Stress Tolerance Score: 51

Annual Salary: US$22,210

Job Description: Introduce, explain, and sell goods and services door-to-door

Education Requirements: Mainly experience in the field (or high school diploma)

Library Technicians

Stress Tolerance Score: 34

Annual Salary: US$32,310

Job Description: Assist readers in using the library catalogs and finding needed information, manage materials in the library collection

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or vocational training


Stress Tolerance Score: 24

Annual Salary: US$27,530

Job Description: Model garments or accessories fashion shows and photoshoots

Education Requirements: Experience in the field


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