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15 Moments With Your Family You will Never Forget

Written by Charles Crawford
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Your family is the first and last thing that you remember on this planet. It’s not surprising that you have plenty of memories with them that you’ll never forget, especially those which you were able to capture.

Here are fifteen of those most picture-perfect moments with your family that will always stay in your heart.

1. When your baby sister was born, and you were at the back of the picture.

At first, you thought you were going to be completely forgotten and ignored, but as the years pass, you will realize your little siblings are more important to you than anything else in the world.

2. When you got your very first bike (as a birthday gift when you were 7).

You’ve been asking for a bike since you were three. Now you’re seven, and your bike has training wheels or a sidecar for your little sister!

3. When your mom first introduced you to her Thanksgiving pie.

Who could ever forget the first bite of Heaven in the form of a cranberry pecan pie? You couldn’t wait for the next Thanksgiving just to get another slice of that sweetheart!

4. When your grandma made you a knitted sweater.

No one wants to hurt grandma’s feelings, so you have to wear it no matter how ridiculous it looks. You even got a picture that your mom is now showing to your significant other!

5. When your aunt gave you $50.

This was the most generous Christmas gift you’ve ever received from your relatives because when you get bigger, you don’t get presents anymore, right?


6. When you first got a pet.

Remember that baby turtle you placed in a fishbowl and named “Steve”? Yeah, he was a total goner.

7. When you realized Santa wasn’t real (and you confronted your parents about it).

OMG, Santa isn’t real?! Mom and Dad didn’t know how to come clean about all the gifts that you got every Christmas.

8. When you and your siblings quarreled over the smallest things.

Even the smallest piece of Lego can bring the biggest fight in the history of sibling rivalry! Also, the fight always begins with “who gets it first” or “who gets more”.

9. When your eldest sibling went to college.

Ah, peace and quiet at last! No more nosy older sister who always wants to know the latest gossip about your (gasp) crush, or loud older brother who did nothing but give you unexpected punches.

10. When your parents gave you “the talk”.

Oh no, is there a way to wipe out a memory? Our parents talking about the birds and the bees is absolutely nauseating! However, when you look back, you just realize all the sense that was in that talk.

11. When you went all rebellious on your parents.

Who cares what mom has to say?! I’m an independent young adult (almost) and I believe everything my high school friends say! Screw school, I’m starting a band!

12. When you learned to drive.

Okay, this is a huge move towards independence. It’s a memory no one can ever forget, particularly the time when you almost hit your neighbor’s mailbox or you almost backed up on your front door.


13. When you left for college.

College requires a whole new level of independence, something you might not have been prepared for. Then, you start missing home. This is when the feels start kicking in.

14. When you got your first real full-time job.

Hooray! You’re a certified adult now, living in the real world of money, taxes, and responsibility. Someone from some company is now relying on your skills to deliver something, probably a message or a box of pizza. Of course, you had to call your parents for help with that!

15. When you got married and everyone was at your wedding.

You’ve entered a new and exciting phase in your life, but as you look around at the people in your wedding reception, you realize that those who were with you from the very beginning are still the ones with you when you start a family. Everything is easier when you know you’ve got them to ask for backup.

What other moments with your family linger in your heart to this day?

Featured photo credit: 15 Moments With Your Family You will Never Forget via google.com

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