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Easy Ways To Remove Eye Bags Effectively

Written by Evlin Symon
Evlin Symon is a health and wellness expert specialized in fitness, weight loss, pregnancy, nutrition and beauty.
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Waking up in the morning only to see eye bags in the mirror isn’t a fun way to start your day. Yes, these eye bags aren’t dangerous, they don’t harm our health, but do they really have to pop up on our faces? And also, why is it practically impossible to find an effective solution that would remove them?

I asked myself these same questions. Whenever I browsed online to find a way to remove my eye bags, I always found clichéd answers such as sleep more, don’t watch TV before bed. But, I wanted some precise methods that I could do whenever I noticed puffiness under my eyes. Luckily, I did manage to find out how to remove eye bags effectively (hooray!), and the methods are listed in this article.

1. Potato

Potato, you already like it in food, but you will love it for its abilities to remove puffiness. And the process is super easy! Here’s how to do it:

  • Refrigerate potato for a few minutes, then slice it into two halves
  • Close your eyes and circle the eyelids and under-eye area gently with both halves
  • Then, place each half onto one eye making sure it covers the area under your eyes too
  • Keep potato halves on your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes. That’s it!

2. Egg-white omelet

Although it sounds delicious, you don’t eat it. Here’s how eggs can help you remove eye bags:

  • Beat a few egg whites in a bowl
  • Take a brush (clean one!) and spread the egg whites over your eyelids and under your eyes
  • Wait for the mixture to dry (about 20 minutes) and rinse with lukewarm water.

3. Milk to the Rescue

Milk has been used in beauty regimens as a best skin brightening creams for centuries. Even Cleopatra took baths in milk to nourish her skin. And if it was good enough for the mighty and powerful Cleopatra, it’s definitely good for us. So, how to use milk to minimize eye bags? Easy, you only have to:

  • Pour some milk straight from the fridge into a small bowl
  • Take cotton pads and dip them in the milk
  • Place the pads on your eyes and keep them between 20 to 30 minutes.

Milk is beneficial for cases when eye bags are caused due to water retention, and it also cools your under-eye area off making eye bags less visible. Do this every day and make it a standard part of your beauty regime. You’re welcome!

4. Tea bags

Let’s say you want to go out tonight, but you don’t want your eye bags to be noticeable. Well, you can use tea bags to solve this problem. Follow these instructions:

  • Moisten two tea bags in cold water
  • Put them in a fridge for a few minutes
  • Apply tea bags over your eyes and keep them for 25 to 30 minutes.
  • Wash your face with cold water and pat dry (never rub towel against your skin!).
  • You’re ready to go!

5. Spooning

No, it’s not about spooning with your partner, although that sounds nice as well. You can, actually, use spoons to reduce eye bags. And the method is really effective! All you need is a glass of water and four stainless steel spoons. Here’s what to do with them:

  • Chill the spoons in the ice-cold water
  • Take two spoons and place one over each eye
  • Once you take two spoons out of water to apply to your eyes, put another two spoons in the ice-cold water
  • Keep spoons on your eyes until they aren’t cold anymore.
  • Do this entire process of switching spoons for 20 to 30 minutes.

6. Blink, blink

Sometimes, the appearance of eye bags means you don’t really blink enough during your sleep. To “fix” the problem, each morning immediately after waking up, you should blink rapidly for 30 seconds.


Eye bags under eyes often pop up, although we wish they don’t, and ruin our day from the moment we wake up. Luckily, with simple and easy tricks from this article, you can remove them successfully. Au revoir, eye bags!

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