10 Books Every Woman Must Read At Least Once In Their Lives

10 Books Every Woman Must Read At Least Once In Their Lives

I love to read books. In fact, I have been introduced to books from a very tender age. And as I grew up, my affection for books grew too. Nowadays, it’s not that I get a chance to read books everyday. But I would love to throwback to those times when I used to lazily lie down on my bed with a book and packet of snacks. I have exposed myself to varieties of storybooks, and many have been etched on my heart. The list here talks about certain books that, not only are they written by women of different culture, background, or society, but empower a woman to become independent and voice her own rights. Here is the list of 10 such amazing books that every woman should read at least once in her life.


    Little Women

    by Louisa May Alcott

    Little Women is a beloved 19th century classic that is still read today and loved by all, especially women from all around the globe. The novel is about four sisters who grow up together, about family love, about sibling rivalries, about searching for your own identity, about love and relationships, poverty, wealth, priorities in life, and most importantly, focuses on female independence. Back in that time, a young woman could not compete with her male companions. This novel breaks that stereotype.

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       Pride and Prejudice

      by Jane Austen

      This book has been considered a personal favorite by many women. One of Jane Austen’s most famous works, Pride & Prejudice teaches two valuable lessons in life that every girl needs to learn: first impressions aren’t always right, and everyone needs second chances. It also teaches that when in love, pride must be humble, and prejudice must disappear.


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        by Ronald Dahl

        Matilda is a young girl who has been neglected by her family. She is smart, and very talented. It is later discovered that she possessed magical power. And this power is further encouraged by a kind teacher from her class. Afterwards, Matilda takes control of her life, and decides her own fate. This children’s novel is important for a woman because it teaches a woman that she has value beyond what others see in her.

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          To Kill A Mockingbird

          by Harper Lee

          A beautiful classic, this novel deals with a 6 years old protagonist who stars as a feminist icon, and who refuses to accept society’s standards, instead pushes for both races and gender equality. The novel is set during the Great Depression, and even till date, the protagonist’s life lessons are applicable for the modern day readers.


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            The Diary of a Young Girl

            by Anne Frank

            During the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, thousands of Jews flew into hiding. Anne Frank was one of them. And what makes her extra special, and loved by millions of people around the world is because of a diary she wrote during her hiding. This famous diary tells us, especially the young women around the world, about the small details of a young girl growing up: typical girlhood consciousness, friendship with other girls, crushes on boys, how the historical significance has affected her life, her emotional roller-coaster, and her loneliness.

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            maya angelou

              I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings

              by Maya Angelou

              Maya Angelou wrote this autobiography in 1969. This novel is a solid example of how a woman can stand strong despite societal and personal injustices. Fighting racism, sexism, and personal trauma, this book shows how easy it is to internalize these negative forces, and how powerful a woman can become by resisting.


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              ella enchanted

                Ella Enchanted

                Ella is an unrepentantly intelligent, witty, and adventurous. She is like the modern day Cinderella with a twist. She has a prince charming who falls in love with her, and it is not him but Ella, who is capable of rescuing herself. This book shows a fiercely independent heroine who struggles against the curse of obedience ans doesn’t need a knight in silver armor to rescue her.

                by Gail Carson Levile

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                  Esperanza Rising

                  by Pam Munoz Ryan

                  This young adult novel is set during the Great Depression. The location is set in Mexico and California. Esperanza is a wealthy girl who struggles when her family falls into poverty.The story is a reflection on the starting point for girls beginning to learn about the life of immigrants, the overlaps of cultures, and the challenge of poverty.

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                    by Tina Fey

                    Who said women can’t be humorous? Well, comedian Tina Fey sure knows her way into the world to show that women can be funny. This comical autobiography also throws light on the valuable lessons about feminism and body image, something every woman should learn about.

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                      by Cornelia Funke

                      Meggie and her father have a special power: when they read aloud, the fantasy villains enter the real world. One night, when her father was reading a book aloud, the villain entered their living room, and left Meggie with no choice but to fight him, and save the day. Inkheart is a book about fantasy adventure, about fierce feminism, about imagination, and most importantly, about life.

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                      A book can be a woman’s best friend. Books can inspire one to do so many things, overcome emotions, make one realize one’s stand in this world, and of course, make one confident, and inspired to become independent, and voice for gender equality. A woman should read plenty of books for a better understanding of the world, and her position in it.

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