15 Things That Happen When You Work In An Office


In this hilarious video from Buzzfeed, Ze Frank narrates the fifteen inevitable things that will happen whilst you work in an office.

1. You will begin by wearing your best clothes, but will end up in not caring at all.

2. You will develop a caffeine addiction.

3. You will develop a crush on a co-worker.

4. You will either be freezing or too hot depending on which part of the office you work in.

5. You will collect your entire life in your desk drawer.

6. There’ll be someone really creepy.

7. You will bond with someone else over how creepy this person is.

8. You’ll be really good at hiding Facebook on your computer.

9. You’ll hear a co-worker using the bathroom. It’ll be awkward.

10. You will notice a co-worker doesn’t wash their hands after using the bathroom.

11. You’ll gain weight.

12. You will have weird fantasies.

13. You’ll bring someone to your office and it’ll be weird.

14. You will get really good at some task, then hate it once everyone starts asking you to help them with it.

15. You will form a group of friends that will make it all better.

15 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Work In An Office | Buzzfeed

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