[Spoiler] Is This a Hack That Reveals Your Biggest Facebook Stalkers?


Remember the days when there were lots of Facebook apps that supposedly helped you to identify which friends responds and comments on your posts the most. All of those apps were fake? However, we’ve discovered a technical way that may identify your most active Facebook stalkers. Here’s how to do it –

#1 Open Facebook (Of course… otherwise what are we doing?)

#2 Right click on any white area of the web page, and press “View Page Source”, “Show Page Source”

or something similar to that. It’s worded slightly differently for different browsers.

#3  You will see a page full of code, but that doesn’t matter.

#4 Press Ctrl + F, for Mac users press Command + F and Search [orderedfriends]

#5 Afterwards you will see a series of numbers like “123456789”

#6  Type in the numbers after Facebook URL, e.g.

#7  Are these the people who your biggest Facebook Stalkers?

If you think this is too complicated and slow, we have found a website which can simplify all the work for you so that you don’t have to paste them in one at a time. However, the website is in Chinese, so here’s the full instructions about how to use it.

#Bonus 1 Go back to the page that full of programming codes.

#Bonus 2 Press Ctrl + A to select all and press Ctrl + C to copy the whole page

#Bonus 3 Go to:

#Bonus 4 Go to the box where the red arrow pointing and press Ctrl + V to paste to whole page source on it


#Bonus 5 It will display all the friends

Do you think this hack can really reveal your Facebook stalkers? Try it out yourself and tell us what you find.

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