How to Save Money Around Your Home


You probably already know that you could benefit the environment and save money if you switch to carbon fluorescent bulbs and keep your thermostat at 78 degrees during the summer, but did you know that those two changes could save you over $500 a year? Sometimes we put these small changes off because we forget just how much money we could save if we do them.

In fact, if you actually follow all the simple tips on this infographic, you could save almost $9,000 a year without much effort at all. Plus, many of these ideas could also benefit the environment by saving you water, electricity and gas.

Of course, not everyone can actually do all of these tasks (I absolutely have to have the web on my cell phone and I don’t even have an A/C), but even if you can only do a few of these and can only end up saving a few hundred dollars a year -you still will save money.

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