When you go to bed, do you just lay down any which way and pass out, or do you need to be in an exact position withyour pillows and blankets just so? You may already know how you fall asleep best and how your partner tends to slumber, but do you know how to categorize your sleep style? After all, while most people only think of those who pass out on their back, stomach or side, there is a whole world of variation in each of these.

For example, I have always slept on my side, but after a back injury, my doctor told me I need to sleep with a pillow between my legs. Since then, I’ve become a total fortress sleeper. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve also started occassionally being a sleep-fighter, so I have aspects of three different styles here.

What about you, do you need to be in one particular position in bed, or can you fall asleep any old way?



Original Source – Thedoghousediaries

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