Whether you love sushi and eat it on a regular basis or want to try it for the first time, this infographic can make eating sushi an enjoyable experience that will be something you’ll surely remember. For example, unless you really study the art of eating sushi, you might not actually know there is a proper order to eating fish since those red fishes with heavier flavors will easily overwhelm light fishes. Also, most people still dip their sushi into soy sauce rice side down, but because rice absorbs so much flavor, it will overwhelm the taste of the fish, which is why you should dip the pieces fish side down when eating sushi. And you don’t need to worry about chopsticks if you’re not very coordinated, eating sushi with hands is all too common in Japan.

8 things worth knowing about eating sushi   I Love Coffee

8 Things Worth knowing About Eating Sushi | I Love Coffee

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