When searching for ways to make the best of your time at the gym, always make sure to include the Bulgarian split squat in your routine. It requires no equipment, it’s simple enough for any beginner to perform, it can be done anywhere, and comes with many fitness benefits. Despite all that, not many people take advantage of this compound exercise.

The image below shows how to exercise is done. Before you start doing it though, make sure your form is correct, otherwise you won’t utilize the exercise to its full potential and you might end up wasting your time.

What are the benefits of the Bulgarian split squat? Read on and I’ll outline seven of them.

Bulgarian Split Squat



1. It Quickly Gets You Bigger and Stronger

It’s common knowledge that doing any type of squat will work out your leg muscles such as your quads, calves and hamstrings. In addition, the Bulgarian split squat helps your body gets into its anabolic state. Furthermore, it will help you release a huge amount of testosterone in your body, which will cause you to grow muscles and build mass at a much faster rate.

2. It’s a Fat Burner

Many people don’t understand that the fastest way to burn fat is by building muscles. This lack of knowledge is the reason why you will see many ladies at the gym spending hours jogging on the treadmill rather than doing compound exercises. Adding the Bulgarian split squat to your regular routine will help you build muscles all over your body. Keep in mind that your body has the potential to burn up to 70 calories per day for every additional pound of muscle that you obtain. So, even if you gain only 10 pounds of muscle, you body will start to burn about 700 calories more daily.

3. It Reduces the Chance of Injuries

Getting injured at the gym is very common. It happens to both professionals and amateurs. These types of injuries tend to happen due to weak-ligament issues. It’s a fact that squatting will make your body a lot more flexible and strengthen your body tissues, which will in turn make athletic injuries less likely to occur.

4. The Bulgarian Split Squat Gets You Better Abs

The number one reason people hit the gym is because of their desire to get washboard abs. Believe it or not, it’s a myth doing sit ups and crunches will burn your belly fat enough to the point where your abs start showing. If you want a six pack, doing a full body exercise like squatting is the best way to get there. It will tone your entire body, including your stomach and backside.

5. Jennifer Lopez

This one is mainly for the ladies. There is nothing more attractive than a fit woman with curves in the right places. If you want to end up having a booty like the famous J.Lo, you better stop neglecting the Bulgarian split squat right away. It’s the best exercise to lift your butt. Your man will appreciate it and give you much more attention afterward.

6. It Increases Running or Jogging Speed

Although jogging and running isn’t the best way to burn calories at the gym, doing these types of cardio are a great way to warm up. Squatting will give you stronger legs, hence will help you run faster. The more speed you force yourself to get into on the treadmill, the higher your heart rate will rise and the more prepared your body will be for your workout.

7. The Bulgarian Split Squat Is Extremely Safe

According to research, both males and females at any age can do squats. If done right, it won’t cause any back or knee pains.

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