Packing your clothes is the easy part.  Packing all those little things that a traveling woman needs is more of a challenge.  Here are 10 clever travel hacks for women that will make your trip so much more pleasant.

travel hacks 1

A dryer sheet will keep your clothes smelling fresh through your whole trip (bring a couple extra for longer trips).

hacks 2

Roll your silk scarves around empty a paper towel tube to avoid wrinkles.

hacks 3

Store digital cameras in a hard plastic soap case, which you can find at the pharmacy.


hacks 4

Pack your curling iron into pot holder – even if you use it just before checking out, it won’t burn your clothes.

What to do with your money…

hacks 5

Hide your paper cash in empty lip gloss tubes.

hacks 6

Attach both keys and paper money to a binder clip. You can keep them that way and attach to a belt or strap if you want to leave your purse in your hotel room.

What to do with your jewelry…

hacks 7

Store necklaces in straws to keep them from getting tangled.

hacks 8

Store rings and small jewelry in a pill box, so they don’t get lost.

hacks 9

Small earrings can be affixed to a button, so they are harder to lose.

And if it’s a business trip….

hacks 10

Hole punch business cards and contacts, and thread an O-ring or a paper clip through them.

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