Thrift store shopping is a must do when you are looking to save money. But how do I get started? How can I get better at finding bargains and know what’s happening in my local area? Is there a way to build up a habit and be able to find the things I need and save money at the same time. We have a lesson to help you do this.

Today’s tough times demand that we do more with fewer resources. How we spend our money and the financial choices we make will ultimately determine our financial health and our quality of life. Thrift stores offer today’s shopper an array of inexpensive, unique, quality merchandise, at a fraction of the cost. Even celebrities like Tyra Banks, Julia Roberts, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Nicole Ritchie are reported to be thrift store divas. If you’ve been thinking of it as a shop for the poor, or the spot for the over 60 crowd, you need to have a paradigm shift. Do you suffer from having champagne taste on a beer budget? Would you like to “live rich” without the guilt of excessive credit card debt?

We’ve created a lesson that will provide you with tips, tools and techniques to become thrift store savvy, impress your friends, and save money. You’ll discover insider’s secrets on how to shop and where to purchase in order to get the ultimate deals.

The Lesson is broken down into 4 brief sections which prepares you on

  • Reprogramming your thinking
  • Identifying and targeting stores
  • Establish goals
  • Preparing for the trip
After which, the detailed section of the lesson provides you with 20 steps that you can check off to help you prepare properly and to make the right decisions when you are actually thrift shopping to help it turn into a habit and make you an expert.

You can grab this Lesson for free for a full week. After the weekly trial you can purchase a monthly subscription to Lifehack Lessons for only $4.99 a month. This will give you access to all current Lessons as well as future Lessons as soon as they are published.
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