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Must Try: 30-Day Relationship Challenge Backed By Science

Being in a relationship is just like going on a roller coaster – it’s full of highs and lows. Sometimes, you’ll be on cloud nine feeling so excited and happy while there can be other times when you might be all the way down in the tracks.

According to some, there is a science to keeping a good relationship together. Pro Flowers have come up with their very own ingenius ’30-day relationship challenge’ perfect for anyone who may be stuck in a relationship rut, or even want to spice things up and give it a go. All of their ideas are scientifically backed/ For example, a recent study by UC Davis showed that staring into your partners eyes can synchronize each others eyes whilse going on a cozy little walk together is perfect for boosting your mind when you may need to cool down after a lovers tiff.

If you, like many others around the world, are trying extensively hard at keeping your relationship together then you might want to take a look at the following infographic which details their 30-day challenge. See how far you can go and see which ones may work best for your relationship.

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