Rossana Snee

I immigrated from Cuba in 1966. I was only eight years-old. Even though I spoke no English, I was immersed in regular English-speaking classes. I struggled to understand and to make friends. By the time I got to high school, however, there was no stopping me. I became an Honor Student and excelled in my studies. Psychology and English were my favorite subjects. Years later, I would put them to use by becoming a therapist and a writer. Upon my graduation from high school, I was awarded a Perfect Attendance Certificate. I am very proud of this, as it speaks of my steady and unwavering dedication to honor my commitments. For eight years I worked in a Worker’s Comp clinic under Barry Halote, Ph.D. There, I worked with individuals, couples, and facilitated numerous groups on a weekly basis. Three and a half years ago I started doing Periscope. It has become a wonderful way for me to connect with a variety of people experiencing a wide range of issues. On Periscope, I have the opportunity to offer a different perspective, and to do what I love most—motivate my listeners to become the best they can be. I am the author of The Healing Alphabet, 26 Empowering Ways to Enrich Your Life. I wrote the book in an easy-to-digest fashion—planting seeds for self-growth in an uplifting and timeless manner—with nuggets of wisdom for everyone, young and old alike. I am a Fitness Trainer at the YMCA, where I teach Total Body Blast 3 days a week. Last year, I proposed an Empowerment Workshop at the facility and had the opportunity to facilitate a 5-Week Series, covering topics such as: 1) Acceptance: The Key to Happiness 2) Body Image: What’s Real? 3) Perseverance: The Only Way to Attain Success 4) Perfectionism: Your Search Will Leave You Wanting 5) Comparing Apples & Oranges: You’re Wasting Your Time I facilitated a 2-Hour Workshop at the Redondo Beach Library, where I spoke about Acceptance and Forgiveness, two chapters from my book. I encourage you to visit my website:, where I write a weekly blog, and offer tips on how to live life to its fullest. I was invited to be a contributor for the Powerhouse Global Magazine, First Edition, with a piece called: The Seed You Water Becomes the Flower! I am a monthly writer for the Lakewood Community News, my city newspaper, and one of the contributors in the Anthology: You Are More Than Enough—Discover the Light Within You! Compiled by Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw. My piece is called: A Star is Born. Please visit and check out all my articles My interests and hobbies keep me quite busy. They include, writing, reading, painting, playing the piano, the violin, the viola, and working out. Boredom has never been an issue. I love expressing myself in any way I can, whether through music, writing, painting, or inspiring another soul. I look forward to continuing my creative expression through my writing for Lifehack.

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