Mandie Holgate

Mandie is one of the most successful Life Coaches in the UK, and for over 20 years has been helping businesses and individuals achieve heights they didn’t even know were possible. Dealing with lifelong limiting beliefs, fears and obstacles to success. Despite 3 autoimmune diseases, Mandie has built 2 successful businesses. She helps people increase sales, confidence, and success without spending a fortune helping clients internationally improve performance, communicate powerfully, achieve more and get the results they strive for. From day one Mandie has gone out of her way to become known as a thought leader for women in business, she is the founder of The Business Woman’s Network widely respected as an exceptional resource for women in business by MEP’s and international authors and speakers and in 2016 was asked to write a book for leading non fiction publishers Pearson’s “Fight the fear – how to beat your negative mindset and win in life” that brings together the top 12 issues that impact on success. This book is now sold around the world and in 2018 is translated into Czech, Russian, Turkish and Arabic. Everything Mandie does shares how she helps clients so you can get similar results too. In 2016 her website for The BWN was named as one of the top 15 resources for female Entrepreneurs. And 2017, as well as many other accolades Mandie's company, was named as one of The Guardian's Top 100 small businesses and in 2018 Mandie has been invited to the House of Lords for her services to business. She believes that everyone can achieve what they wish and overcome adversity to get the results they want with the right ideas and mindset.

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