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Last Updated on August 28, 2022

18 Best Time Management Apps and Tools (2022 Updated)

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18 Best Time Management Apps and Tools (2022 Updated)

Undoubtedly, technology has allowed us to connect, perform, improve, and leverage our resources beyond what was once imaginable, and one of the biggest ways is through time management apps. But with so many apps to choose from, how do you know which ones to use?

The best way to identify an app is to look at your current challenges with time management. Do you get distracted too easily and never complete a task? Or perhaps you end the day without achieving much, wondering where all your time went?

We all have challenges when it comes to being more productive. The best time management apps around vary depending on your needs. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 18 of the best time management apps to help you with the most common challenges.

If you’re not taking advantage of some of the hundreds of time management tools (such as an effective planner like this), you’re missing out. 

Let’s dive straight into the list.

18 Time Management Apps You Need To Try

1. Rize – Use Your Time Wisely

Rize software
    Challenge: You don’t know where your time goes, and you are not using it effectively.

    If you don’t know what you did all day or feel that you haven’t accomplished much at the end of the day, you will be excited to know about Rize. Rize not only tracks your time but also gives you valuable insights to improve your productivity, build better habits and increase your focus. The highlight is that you don’t need to constantly input information, this is automatically done for you.

    You can see how many hours you have worked, how much of that time is focus time, how much time you spend context switching, and which websites distract you most, among many other features. Tracking and managing your time efficiently has never been easier.

    Available on Desktop

    2. Notion – Keep on Top of All Your Tasks

    Notion app
      Challenge: Wasting time with different productivity tools.

      Think of Notion as a single platform with different productivity apps, helping you keep your notes and work in one place. You can collaborate, share documents and notes, and create a central knowledge base for your team, supporting you in all your project management needs.

      You can use Notion to replace your to-do lists, project management, note-taking apps, spreadsheets, etc. It saves you time and money and helps you keep on top of your time management and organization.

      Available on iOS, Android, and Desktop

      3. Forest – Boost Motivation to Complete Tasks

      Forest app
        Challenge: You can’t focus to complete a task

        Forest is a unique reinvention of time management apps. This unique and fun app helps you stay focused and incorporates the Pomodoro technique, breaking work into chunks with short intervals. The concept is simple: If you stay focused during this time, your virtual tree will grow. If you lose focus, the tree will die. As the app’s name implies, you can grow multiple trees to create a virtual forest!

        On top of this particular time management tool being really fun, it reinforces the need to focus on the task. Go ahead and build a wonderful and colorful virtual forest to use as proof to you that you can focus!

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        Pro tip: Staying focused all the time isn’t easy, especially when distractions are everywhere these days! Grab the Full Life Planner and learn how to sharpen your focus!

        Available on iOS, Android, and Desktop (Firefox Add-on)

        4. 135List – Get More Done in Your Day

        135List App
          Credit: 135List

          Challenge: Not knowing how to prioritize your day

          Simplicity is key to action, complexity creates procrastination. I love this simple time management tool because it guides you to prioritize your to-dos for the day in a few steps.

          Create different lists and follow the 1 big, 3 medium, and 5 small tasks rule to get more organized with your time and what you want to get done with it. When you group and prioritize tasks it’s easier to get started and get more done.

          Available on Desktop and Chrome Extension

          5. Freedom – Block Distractions to Focus

          Freedom App
            Challenge: Keep getting distracted by apps and websites

            One of the biggest time thieves is losing focus of what we are doing, being distracted by our favorite site, or browsing mindlessly and wasting heaps of time. Be more productive by blocking the websites and apps you want and know you tend to go to. Block them when you want to and for as long as you like.

            We all have weak spots with some websites and apps that we cannot keep off. Freedom helps you to manage your time better and prevents distractions from happening. Use your time more efficiently with Freedom.

            Available on iOS, Android, and Desktop and Chrome

            6. Spark – Finally Reach Inbox 0

            Spark Email App
              Challenge: Never on top of emails, being a slave to your email.

              Even with hundreds of communication tools available to us, email use continues to grow. Whether your job is based largely on emails or not, managing your email and staying on top of it is key to productivity. You will be shocked to see how much time can be wasted with email by not having structure or automation to support you in staying on top of your game.

              According to a survey by Adobe, people spend at least 3.1 hours checking and reading emails at work.[1] Spark has many features, from removing distractions to only notifying you of important emails to snoozing emails. You can also send an email to your Task Manager to add to your to-do’s, reply quickly with templates, as well as get reminded to follow up on emails and schedule to reply to certain emails later.

              Finally, reach inbox 0 with Spark.

              Available on Desktop

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              7. Serene – Focus on Tasks at Hand

              Serene App
                Challenge: Getting distracted and not focusing

                One of the biggest time wasters is giving in to distractions, multi-tasking, and not completing tasks because of this. Serene takes productivity to the next level in three easy steps and helps you to get more done in your day.

                It helps you to:

                • 1. Plan your day – Define your goals and tasks for the day and when you want to do them.
                • 2. Block Distractions – When starting a task, Serene blocks websites, updates your statuses (ie. unavailable on Slack), and eliminates distractions overall.
                • 3. Focus Enhancers – It helps you to stay focused on the task with timers, music, breaks, etc.

                It is an all-in-one time management tool you want in your kit.

                Available on Desktop

                8. Fathom.Video – Zoom Is Your Minute Taker

                Fathom App
                  Challenge: Losing focus typing up notes in Zoom meetings and capturing important information

                  Since COVID-19, the Zoom app has been downloaded 485 million times in 2020.[2] Although Zoom has been a huge contribution to productivity, so much time is wasted capturing notes and important information, never mind losing focus on what is being said.

                  Fathom is an excellent time management tool for meetings and super easy to use. During your meeting, you can highlight important moments, such as decisions, questions, action items, etc. These are sent to you after your meeting with a transcription of the meeting and highlights. This tool syncs your notes to Hubspot, Salesforce, and other CRM platforms accordingly and automatically.

                  Available on Desktop

                  9. MyLifeOrganized (MLO) – Manage Your To-Do Lists Effectively

                  My Life Organized (MLO) App
                    Challenge: Disorganized with to-do’s and what to focus on

                    Excellent time management techniques entail to-do lists and having a system to manage your tasks. However, even with various apps and methods, they can be overwhelming for people. This is where MyLifeOrganized comes in.

                    This task management software helps you target what you should be focusing on to reach your objectives. MyLifeOrganized is one of the best time management apps for focused work. It automatically generates to-do lists with priority actions for your immediate attention so that you can track your progress methodically.

                    Available on iOS, Android, and Desktop

                    10. 1Password – Have All Your Passwords Remembered

                    1Password App
                      Challenge: Wasting time trying to find logins, passwords, etc.

                      How much time do you spend looking for login details or having to reset passwords? 1Password is still a must-have time management app as it allows you to keep all your passwords in one encrypted database – protected by one password.

                      According to research, more than half of Americans have had to reset five passwords each month on average.[3] This saves you time when you forget your passwords and need to retrieve them and also allows you to use various passwords for different accounts so you don’t compromise on security.

                      Available iOS, Android, and Desktop

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                      11. Alarmy – Joyful Alarm Clock

                      Alarmy App
                        Challenge: Not being able to get out of bed and always snoozing

                        Waking up early to have time for yourself and set yourself up for the day is the ingredient to mastering your day. Alarmy makes it impossible to sleep in or snooze by giving you a few options of challenges to complete before the alarm turns off.

                        You can play memory games, do math, take photos, squat, and many more. By the time you have completed the challenge, you are already awake, and your mind is active. There are other great features, such as personalizing your sounds and recording how you feel, to gain insights. Get more out of your day with Alarmy.

                        Available on iOs, and Android

                        12. Focus@Will – Boost Your Attention Span

                        Focus@Will App
                          Challenge: Cannot concentrate or focus easily

                          This amazing app combines neuroscience and music to boost your productivity. According to the developers, it’s possible to increase your attention span by up to 400% using Focus@Will, making this one of the best time management apps available, which is why it stays on our list.[4]

                          Focus@Will is ideal for those who find it difficult to focus while studying, working, or reading. It also helps you control your ADD.

                          Available on iOS, Android, and Desktop

                          13. Alfred – Interact With Your Computer in a Smart Way

                          Alfred App
                            Challenge: Wasting time searching for files and documents in folders

                            This small and simple tool lets you launch your documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes. This is one of the greatest time management techniques as it removes the need for searching through multiple folders to find what you need. The only downside is that it’s only available for macOS.

                            Available on Desktop (macOS)

                            14. Habitica – Gamify Your Habits

                            Habitica app
                              Challenge: Being consistent in building new habits

                              Having the right habits can either save you hours of time or waste hours, and how productive you are, depends on your habits. The challenge is that the initial excitement and motivation to develop new habits wears off quickly, and when there is no consistency in building the new habit, it will never replace the old.

                              This is where Habitica becomes your partner in success. Track your goals, to-dos, and habits. Stay accountable for achieving your goals with features such as rewards, punishments, and streaks. Finally, have fun getting things done!

                              Available on iOs, and Android

                              15. Google Docs Voice Typing – Speech to Text

                              Google Docs Voice Typing Extension
                                Challenge: Wasting time typing up documents and notes.

                                One of my favorite tools for note-taking and typing is Google Docs. Whether you are typing up long emails, maybe reading something which you want to type up, or recording your thoughts when you are writing an article, you don’t need to type them anymore.

                                Whatever you don’t want to type up, you can simply use the microphone in the voice typing option of tools, sit back and speak while Google captures it all. The only downside is you need to use Chrome to use this feature, but it’s worth the download if you don’t and the time saved.

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                                Available on Desktop – Chrome Extension

                                16. Quire – Unfold Your Ideas

                                Quire App
                                  Challenge: Not having a workflow or streamline for your team

                                  Quire is another excellent and innovative time management app that boosts your team’s productivity. The strength of this app is in its features for collaboration and ease of sharing. Through the various time management techniques this app offers, you can streamline and adjust your workflow based on your team’s needs and preferences.

                                  Available on iOS, Android, and Desktop

                                  17. Doodle – Scheduling Has Never Been Easier

                                  doodle screenshot

                                    It can be quite frustrating going back and forth spending more time than needed coordinating a day and time that works for everyone to get together. Doodle comes to the rescue here.

                                    Whether you’re planning a meeting or a party, Doodle sends everyone options and times and tracks the time that works best for everyone to schedule. It keeps everyone up to date with all current and upcoming events and also syncs with Zoom, Google Meet, Outlook, Microsoft teams, and Zapier for easier collaboration.

                                    Available on Desktop

                                    18. Dropbox – Store and Send Large Files Easily

                                    Dropbox App
                                      Challenge: Spending time sending files separately or attaching to emails.

                                      Dropbox stays on the list of the top apps that allow you to transfer content from your computer to other devices and access it anywhere. It is free, and it is easier to use than the others.

                                      With the Dropbox app, you can even access and share important files on the go. It is an easy way to share your files and documents with others for improved productivity.

                                      Available on iOS, Android, and Desktop

                                      Final Thoughts

                                      The above list covers what we consider to be the very best time management apps and tools available. And the good news is that many of them are completely free of charge! So, what are you waiting for? Select the ones that will be the most valuable to you, and begin boosting your productivity now!

                                      Featured photo credit: freestocks via unsplash.com


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