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Geek-Speak: A Guide to New & Outdated Technology Terms

There was a time when “Delicious” was the pie that your Nana made. Apple and Blackberry were just fruits and Jellybean was a candy you got as Halloween treat. Over the years, internet and technology have changed all of that. So much so that you don’t look for stuff anymore – you just Google it. It’s entrenched in our daily lives and has seeped into our vocabulary too. Some of these changes are so rapid that it is not always easy to keep up.

A few tech terms that were used until recently have already been relegated to history. For instance: Surfing the web – no one does that anymore. With new touch-screen devices being launched every other day, “clicking” is a thing of past too. Once a prominent prefix “www” is being dropped from popular websites and social sites altogether.

We bring you a useful infographic by Lebara that takes a look at how tech-talk has changed over the years and how it may change in future. Are you ready to be Glassed-out?


Which tech terms of today will stick around and which according to you will be obsolete? Do let us know what you think. If you found this post informative, please share it.

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