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10 Best Calendar Apps You Should Have At Least One This Year

Life is busy and often confusing.  A great calendar app can serve to keep important schedules on track.  Both Android and Apple have calendar apps that are free or are very low cost.

1. Tempo AI


Brings all of your calendars and social media announcements into one place. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. For the iPhone and the app is free.

2. Agenda


This coolest of calendar apps is available on both Android and iPhone. There is a cost of 1.99, but with features such as “at-a-glance” views and quick event creation well worth the cost.

3. Sunrise


A cool iPhone app with a hot name that integrates Google calendar and social media with the mobile phone. Link Facebook friends and family pics to birthday and anniversary reminders.  Free.

4. Pocket Informant


For both Apple and Android smartphones. Automatically updates all calendar devices in the cloud and integrates all Google accounts. The cost is 6.99.

5. Chronos Calendar


For the Windows smartphone. More aesthetically pleasing than the stock calendar that comes with the phone. Integrates MS accounts. Costs .99.

6. CalenGoo


App automatically syncs, as necessary, when connected with Internet. Calendar available offline as well. Available for iPhone and Android. Costs 6.99 for iPhone and 5.99 for Android.

7. Fantastical 2


Resembles the Apple Mac calendar, but with more features. Fast creation of new events with a simple tap. Provides preview of the day’s events. 4.99.

8. Business Calendar Pro


Effortlessly syncs with Google calendar in an eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing format. Use the pinch to zoom or simply drop events from other sources into the app. 4.99 for Android.

9. GoCal for Google Calendar


Perfectly provides synchronization for the iPhone. Combines Google with the already installed calendar.  Syncs more than one Google calender, as well.  Combine or keep separate personal, work appointments and events. 4.99.

10. Jorte


Absolutely free and perfect for Android. Daily, monthly, and weekly views. Information is retrieved from the cloud. Easily access Google calender events, appointments, and reminders.

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