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Review Your Goals Weekly

In order to keep yourself focused and motivated, Zen Habits recommends reviewing your goals frequently. Most people tend to only review their goals yearly (right before the end of the year). Zen habits outlines the importance of a more frequent review process:

1. Once a year (New Year is convenient, but really any time is good) you should review what you’ve done this year, and set your goals for the next 12 months. Yearly goals should be mini-goals of your life goals.

2. At the beginning (or end) of each month, review your progress for the past month, and set your goals for the coming month. Set easily achievable goals — it’s better to set your sights low (at least at first) and achieve them than to set them too high and fail. Monthly goals should be mini-goals of your overall yearly goals.

3. At a set time each week (Mondays work for me), review your progress for the last week, and set goals for the week. These goals should be mini-goals for your monthly goals. For each of these goals, list a few action steps. Then schedule the action steps throughout the week (one step per day is ideal).

4. Each day, when planning your day, make your goal action step for that day be one of your Most Important Things for that day. Do it first thing in the morning. Once you complete it, you have done something awesome for that day — you’ve taken a small step towards making your dreams come true!

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