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Do Nothing for Two Minutes (Seriously? What?)

You may have multiple tasks on your hands now and you want to finish them in a timely manner.

But hold on!

Under this circumstance, you become highly susceptible to some common mistakes. One technique that works extremely well to help you increase your productivity and reduce the chances of making mistakes is to sit at your desk and do nothing for a couple of minutes. When you have symptoms like drifting or daydreaming, it’s a signal that you should take a break before letting yourself reach the absolute bottom of your mental barrel.

Do nothing for 2 minutes

Donothingfor2minutes is a site that asks you to just relax and listen to waves for 2 minutes. There is only one rule, DO NOT touch your mouse or keyboard for 2 minutes. I immediately failed at the first few seconds on my first try. Click the following image and you can try it out yourself.

If you find that 2 minutes are not enough for you to relax from your tight schedule, you can go to, which gives you a 10 minute version of doing nothing.

Happy relaxing!

Featured photo credit:  Young businessman relaxing at his desk via Shutterstock

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