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21 Simple Online Tools for Everyday Needs

Written by Jane Scearce
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There is a plethora of apps and tools out there designed to manage your data, tasks, and more; many of them are all-in-one. Sometimes, however, you just need a simple tool that does what you need without any bells and whistles. Maybe you need one specific thing that your other multi-purpose apps actually lack.

Whatever your needs are, there’s an online tool for everyone in this list of simple or single-purpose sites from around the web. Here’s to simple solutions!

1. Dictation.io

— in-browser dictation tool

2. E.ggtimer.com

— a timer website that includes preset timers (ex: “Pomodoro” timer)

3. Ge.tt

— quickly send files & and allow the recipient to preview them

4. whichdateworks.com

— easily find out which day works best for everyone to meet

5. Minutes.io

— take effective and elegant minutes at meetings

6. pdfescape.com

— edit and fill-out .PDFs in your browser

7. wetransfer.com

— send files that are too large for email

8. Wordle.net

— summarize long pieces of text into word clouds

9. Fiverr.com

— pay someone $5 to do simple tasks and jobs

10. Alertful.com

— set up email reminders for important events

11. teuxdeux.com

— an elegant to-do app

12. Otixo.com

— manage all your online files in one place

13. Goo.gl

— shorten long urls

14. printwhatyoulike.com

— print pages without all the extra junk

15. keepmeout.com

— block yourself from distracting websites when you need to

16. writecheck.com

— check your writing for grammar and plagiarism

17. wakerupper.com

— set up a wake-up call for yourself

18. simplynoise.com

— listen to white noise when working in complete silence is distracting

19. IFTTT.com

— connect all your online accounts & execute actions

20. MailboxLocator

— find the closest USPS mailbox near you

21. hemingwayapp.com

— eliminate wordiness and hard-to-read sentences in your writing

Featured photo credit: Trading stocks on a computer/OTA Photos via flic.kr

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