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15 Ways Successful People Think Differently

What determines if one is successful or not? It is all in how one thinks and approaches situations. Are you one to actively go all in or do you wade in the water, testing it first?

1. Focusing on What Matters

There are only 24 hours in a day, but of those hours, where are you spending your time? Successful people know what has to happen day in and day out. It’s getting the necessary work done before watching viral YouTube videos.

2. They Don’t Have Endless To-Do Lists

To-Do Lists exist but they include only the top projects that need worked on today. Usually completing three key items a day will mean that the day has been productive. If you complete those, then you can continue on to the other projects. Looking at an infinite To-Do list is not how people think. Make the tasks at hand manageable and they will get completed.

3. Bouncing Off Ideas with Other People

Have a great idea that you want to launch? Well, do not keep it a secret. Start sharing that idea with others in your industry, friends, strangers, people at the coffee shop. See what their feedback to the idea is. Maybe they will point out something that you have never thought of before and help make your idea soar.

4. They Use the 80/20 Rule

The Pareto Principle is that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. Identify that 20% and focus on it. Tim Ferriss recently explained it with Lifehack here.

5. Learning to Quiet the Mind

Meditation is key with successful people. It’s taking time out whether it be 5 minutes or 30 minutes to clear your mind and set the day off on the right foot. We are inundated with information and your mind must have a way to cut through all of the noise.

6. Having an Optimistic Outlook

Stop thinking of all the ways that your project or idea will not work and believe in the one that will work. When you think positively, the project will have a better possibility of being successful. Negative thoughts just destroy your mind and everything that you work on.

7. They’re Not Afraid to be Unconventional

Popular thinking does not always lead to the expected result. It takes being unconventional and risks to get the result that you want. If the conventional thought does not lead to your intended result, maybe it is time to start doing things differently.

8. They Follow Through

Successful people always follow through. If you say that you are going to do something, do it. The other person or organization will recognize this, and you will rise above the crowd.

9. They Collaborate with Others

Have a great project that you want to launch? Perhaps partnering with someone to make it even better and have a greater reach will make a world of difference. Many successful people realize that their project can use an added creative spark from others. Maybe you are a photographer who ends up partnering with a graffiti artist and a writer to create an amazing project.

10. They Know They Can do It

If you think you can, then it is possible. It all starts with believing in yourself. If you want to be a NY Times Best Selling Author, you first have to believe that you are a writer. Believing is key to your success.

11. They Develop Their Thoughts

That great idea may not happen overnight. It takes willingness and time to let it develop. It’s not a one day project that leads to that successful launch, but it takes patience in making sure that the idea is fully developed and that you have put in 150% effort to make it your best.

12. They’re Not Afraid to be Different

Doing the same things as the top person will not get you where you want to be. As Chase Jarvis says, “Be different not better.” Don’t be an exact replica of someone. Be yourself and be unique.

13. They Stand for What They Believe in No Matter What

Successful people are willing to make a stand for what they believe in. You’re not always going to have an army of people supporting you, but it takes a willingness to stand up for your ideas and beliefs no matter what the situation.

14. They Go All In

No, we are not playing a game of poker here but instead, the game of life. You must be willing to risk it all at times to do what you believe in. Will it work every time? No. However, you must be willing to learn from what happened. You never know if it will work or not unless you try it.

15. They Learn from Their Failures

Whether something worked or not, you must analyze the situation afterwards. What went well? What did not? What can be improved? Successful people always step back from projects after it is said and done, look at the results and learn from their failures so it does not happen again.

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