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28 Best Price-Comparison Apps You Need to Download Now

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Gone are the days when price-comparison apps like Red Laser and Amazon’s price checker ruled the roost. Joining those favorites are new, as well as tried-and-true, price-comparison apps that will help you save a bundle.

For Shopping

1. RedLaser: Get the Best Price for Anything

RedLaser is still one of the best QR code readers and barcode scanners around, because not only can you scan products and find the best prices—the app also has lots of coupon options and the ability to store loyalty cards.

2. ShopSavvy: Find Low Product Prices and Trending Sales

This app will help you not only find the lowest prices of the products you scan, but it will also alert you to price cuts and new sales items. Therefore, if there’s a new Sears coupon that’s just hit the Internet, ShopSavvy will find it and send it to you.

3. Sell Textbooks for Cash: Compare the Best Prices for Your Old Books

Students know that textbooks can represent a big expense. Compare the websites that will pay you the most money for them with this app.

4. ScanLife: Compare Prices from Amazon, Macy’s, Best Buy and More

With ScanLife, users can scan barcodes to see the cost of items across a variety of their favorite stores, and also view customer reviews.

For Travel, Hotel and Flights

5. Trivago: Compare Hotel Prices

The app compares more than 700,000 hotel prices across 200-plus booking websites to bring you the best deals.

6. TripAdvisor: Find Low-Priced Hotels, Flights, Restaurants

This free app is beloved by users because it helps them find the lowest prices in airfare, dining options and eateries.


7. Liligo: International Travel Comparison

Liligo is a well-reviewed app that allows users to search through hundreds of travel websites to find optimal deals.

8. Booking.com: Best Hotel Deals

This website with the funny commercials also has an app  that finds and compares great deals on hotels, and not just the cheap dives.

9. Hotwire: Compare Car Rental Prices and More

There’s a reason the Hotwire apps for hotel and car rentals are popular. People like deals they can easily grab via their phone, letting the app do the work of searching for the best prices.

10. FareCompare: Find Out When to Fly

This highly rated app alerts users when to fly by notifying them when their favorite trip route’s airfare has dropped.

11. Skyscanner: Compare Cheap Flights

More than 30 million people have download Skyscanner. It lets users get the cheapest prices on flights in seconds.

12. Kayak: Find Cheaper Flights, Hotels and Cars

Kayak was one of the first price-comparison travel apps that provided users the best deals on hotels, cars and flights.

For Food

13. Grocery Exchange: Compare Food Prices

The Grocery Exchange app lets food buyers share and compare the prices of the items they find in the store.

14. Apples2Oranges: Convert to Unit Prices

The best thing about the Apples2Oranges is that it helps users convert items down to their unit prices to discover what’s really a great bargain, e.g., a package of 20 cookies for $10.99 or 35 cookies for $12.99 per pack.


15. Consumr: Groceries, Books, Movies and More

Not only can consumers use the Consumr app to compare grocery prices, but they can also find the comparable costs of strollers, toys and everything in between.

16. Gas Buddy: Find Inexpensive Gasoline

More than 40 million people use Gas Buddy to discover the cheapest gas nearby.

17. Gas Guru: Cheap Gas Prices

Gas Guru is another highly visual app that allows users to find the best gas prices near them.

18. Fuel Finder: Discount Gas in the U.S. and Canada

Fuel Finder is another popular gasoline app that visually displays the cheapest fuel prices nearby.

For Online Shopping

19. BuyVia: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

BuyVia will keep you ahead of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals game.

20. TheFind: Local and Online Deals

Use the app called TheFind  to literally find local deals and compare them with what’s available online. You can also set price alerts with this app.

21. ShopAdvisor: Product Tracking

ShopAdvisor is like having a personal price tracker because it not only compares prices, it also tracks the changes in prices and alerts you when a product hits the cost you’d like.

22. PriceGrabber: Compare In-Store to Online Price

PriceGrabber allows users to compare online deals with the in-store prices—and it even gathers up Groupon deals in 160 U.S. cities.

23. Smoopa: Green-Lights the Best Deal

Smoopa lets buyers scan a product’s barcode and compare it to the same deals online. If the item you scan has a lower price, the app displays a green button.

Advanced Features

24. CamFind: Take a Photo of Object Without Typing

CamFind allows users to scan a photo of an object to find it instead of typing in words to search.


25. Milo: For Local Shopping

Milo is an interesting computer-based app that helps consumers find local products in stock nearby the address they enter.

26. Walmart’s Savings Catcher: Scan Your Receipts for Great Deals

Walmart’s Savings Catcher is a fascinating module that allows users to enter their receipt numbers to find any lower advertised prices and get paid the difference.

27. Shopular: Find the Best Deals in Stores

Shopular is a popular app that’s updated daily that gives shoppers the best deals and coupons for stores like Starbucks, Forever 21, Best Buy and more.

28. PriceBlink: Browser Add-On Finds Lower Prices During Online Shopping

PriceBlink is an add-on for your browser that automatically finds the lowest prices while you shop.

So there you have it—a list of 28 price-comparison apps that should help you begin to save lots more money when shopping.

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