7 Vodka Hacks That Have Nothing To Do with Drinking

7 Vodka Hacks That Have Nothing To Do with Drinking

Have you got a bottle of vodka lying around that you’re never going to drink? One or all of these great vodka hacks can help you use it up without actually having to drink it. Maybe someone gave you a bottle of the liquor and you either don’t drink vodka or you just don’t drink. Instead of re-gifting the bottle of vodka, use it in one of these creative ways.

  1. To prolong the lives of your cut flowers, add a few drops of vodka to the water that you store them in.
  2. Dampen a cloth with vodka to clean your dirty eye glasses. The alcohol will eliminate the dirt and oil that accumulates on them.
  3. Use vodka as a facial toner to help with breakouts and shrink your pores.
  4. Place your razor in a small glass of vodka to clean it and keep it from rusting. Razors can be expensive, but this hack can help lengthen their lives, saving you money!
  5. Rubbing your feet with a vodka soaked cloth can help deodorize them.
  6. Make your own flexible reusable ice pack by combining equal parts water and vodka in a plastic bag. No more buying expensive ice packs!
  7. Add a shot to your shampoo to make your hair shinier!

Which of these vodka hacks is most surprising to you?

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Published on May 28, 2021

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