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53 Fun Things You Can Do This Weekend

Written by Alex Morris
Creative Writer, Copywriter, & Journalist for Business, Culture, Lifestyle, & Work
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Are you worn-out and jaded from the same old routine? Why not try and plan some fun weekend activities?

It is common for people to start being a little stereotypical or monotonous over a period. However, one must identify when such time comes and take steps to bring back the same gusto in their life.

If you have fallen victim to such dull life, then contemplate fun things to do this weekend.

You can plan something with your family or friends and get out of your regular boring comfort zone. Or you may also check the local adverts and plan for fun things going this weekend in your city. It would surely require some effort on your part.

After all, no one will pick you up from your couch in front of the TV. That part is only to be done by none other than – YOU!

However, if you have run out of ideas or options, we have some great ideas about fun things to do over the weekend. Peruse the coming sections to check out cheap, entertaining, fun, and amazing ideas that we have jotted down.

Here are some fun things to do on weekends:

Get Moving

1. Go For a Walk:

One of the simplest and most fun things on weekends is going out for a walk. It’s healthy and doesn’t cost a penny.

2. Go For a Run:

Once again, running will not require spending any money, only your energies. You can keep your body healthy and at the same time admire nature’s beauty.


3. Learn to Juggle:

Juggling is fun and improves concentration. You can learn more about juggling through this guide that can help you learn the basics.

4. Go Swimming:

Swimming is good for your health and keeps you fit. If you fall in love with it, you might make it a regular fun thing to do on a Sunday.

5. Drum:

Drumming with or without equipment can help you remain occupied in a fun way. You can work out a groove and enjoy it at the same time.

6. Dance:

Resolve to have extreme fun this weekend with dancing. You can use a radio, speaker, or TV and start dancing to your favorite tune. Who knows, it might become one of your top fun things to do on a Saturday.

7. Community Sports:

If you are looking for fun stuff to do this weekend, why not check out the community sports in your vicinity. It gives you the opportunity to play your favorite sport and know you community in a better way.

Check Out Your Local Community

8. Watch Wildlife:

If you want something to do this weekend, then head out to the nearest local park and watch nature in action.


9. Head to the Playground:

There is no age discrimination at a playground. If you want to enjoy this weekend, why not spend it within the bounds of your community garden and have fun on the joy rides?

10. Do Some Gardening:

Gardening is one of the best fun activities this weekend if you are not committed elsewhere. It also helps you gain a lot of positivity.

11. Car Boot Sales:

Plan a car boot sale yourself or visit your neighbor who organized it. Interact with your community and keep yourself occupied with this fun activity.

12. Check your Community Calendar:

There is always something exciting going on in the community, and you can check your council’s website for further details on any upcoming events.

13. Join a Film or Book Club:

You can plan to join a book club or film club to keep you occupied in a fun way over the weekend. It also opens up the possibility of meeting some exciting people.

14. Visit Friends:

Meeting friends and old colleagues help you get out of the rut and have fun. Plan an outing with them or invite them over for lunch or dinner.


15. Volunteer Work:

You can consider doing volunteer work to contribute to society and feel good. Nothing gives more satisfaction than giving back to the community.

16. Visit Free Museums:

On visiting your local council’s website, you can procure details about the free museums in your vicinity and make plans to spend time there on weekends.

17. Visit a Zoo or Wildlife Reserve:

As you plan for fun things this weekend, consider visiting a zoo or wildlife reserve if you have kids in your family.

18. Become a Dog Walker:

Why not be a good neighbor and help them become a dog walker. Besides having a good time, you can expect to make some money too!

19. Volunteer at a Race Track:

Every race track needs marshals for their regular events, and you can volunteer to help them over weekends.

Stay Indoors

20. Make Some Bread:

Making your own bread can be a great mood booster over weekends. It is a simple and cost-effective habit that keeps you occupied. You can learn how to bake a loaf here.

21. Make Healthy Snacks:

Take a break and make some snacks. This cooking errand will surely help to lift your mood. Here are some healthy snacks recipes.


22. Organize a Budget Food Contest:

Make your weekends fun by organizing food content. Make it competitive by keeping small rewards. It will make things more exciting and fun.

23. Netflix:

If you do not wish you move out of the comfort of your home since you are tired, you can plan to watch Netflix. There are numerous movies and TV shows that can keep you occupied. Choose the video based on your choice and spend your weekend leisurely.

24. Free Films on YouTube:

If you don’t want to spend on OTT platforms such as Netflix, simply start YouTube and type “full movie” in the search bar. It will display numerous movies that you can enjoy over the weekend.

25. Go On a YouTube Marathon:

YouTube is amazing when it comes to finding interesting videos. You can go on a YouTube marathon and search for “most funniest” or “most scariest” videos and turn your weekend into a fun day.

26. BBC iPlayer (Europe Only):

If you reside in Europe, you can avail yourself of the advantage of BBC iPlayer. Numerous programs can keep you occupied over the weekend and offer valuable insight.

27. Play Free Online Games:

If you are a computer geek, use the online gaming arena and play free games. It will keep you relaxed over the weekend. If you want some inspiration, then check Lifehack’s Relaxing Games guide.


28. Search Wikipedia:

Wikipedia is a source of immense knowledge. There are so many things that we still do not know. Use your weekends productively by searching for credible information from this knowledge source.

29. Craigslist/Freecycle:

Craigslist and Freecycle have become pretty useful in finding information about the interesting events nearby. You can use the local version of these websites and scout for anything that interests you.

30. Blog:

If you want to share your knowledge with the world, why not start your blog using WordPress? You get the opportunity to present your views and pass the information to the readers. Make the best use of your weekends by writing blogs and connecting with people worldwide.

31. Have a Board Game Day:

Not interested in using your mobile or laptop? Try the traditional board games. Call your friends or family members to join you in classic chess games or snakes or ladder. You can choose the game of your choice to make it a fun weekend.

32. Make a Homemade Pizza:

There will be nothing more exciting for you if you are a foodie than making a pizza at home. Use this guide to make the perfect homemade pizza.

Get Creative

33. Make a Paper Fortune Teller:

You can try this fun activity for the weekend as it’s good for all ages. It is a simple activity that amuses every participant. Here is a free guide to trying paper fortune tellers.


34. Play Pen and Pencil Games:

Many games can be tried with the help of a simple pen or paper. Tick-tac-toe, battleship, or hangman are a few such examples.

35. Play the Sentence Game:

It is a fun game where the participants take turns to write a sentence on a piece of paper and pass it on to others. The resultant story sometimes becomes pretty hilarious. It’s a fun activity that can become very exciting for everyone.

36. Make a Kite:

Kites are amazing, and making them yourself becomes fun too! You can use this simple guide to making a homemade kite, and when you are done, you can fly them anywhere you want.

37. Have a Go at Origami:

Use this traditional Japanese art to have fun over the weekend. It requires paper and a certain skill. You can master this game from websites like Origami Instructions.

38. Draw:

Let your imagination take over your weekend. Take a paper and start drawing whatever your mind tells you to. Experiment a little with colors, too, and have fun.

39. Write a Letter:

People don’t write letters anymore. Why not use your free weekends to bring back the forgotten art. It is bound to impress and even awe your friends or relatives when they receive it.


40. Raid Pinterest for DIY Ideas:

Social media has opened wild doors, and you can open any of these doors to keep you occupied over weekends. Pinterest is one such portal that presents awesome design ideas. You can even get creative DIY ideas from here that you can try over weekends at home.

41. Volunteer at Your Local Theater:

Check with the local theatre in your neighborhood if they need any volunteers, from being an usher to giving out tickets. It might also be a great experience for you.

42. Audition for a Play:

Why not become an artist in a local play. Give auditions over the weekend and check if you would be fit to play any part that you find exciting.

43. Creative Writing:

Write whatever comes to your mind. Use your thoughts and imagination and bring them to life on paper. You may even use a computer to type away and use your creativity.

Have fun with kids

44. Play Hide and Seek:

Kids can keep you occupied for hours. Hide and seek is often the most favored game by small kids. It also gives great fun to adults. So use your weekends to plan fun hide-and-seek activities with your kids.

45. Hopscotch:

While you might already know how to play hopscotch, your kids might have never heard about this game. Teach them and in the process, have fun playing it too. Here is a basic guide to hopscotch.


46. Build a Fort:

You can literally build a fort anywhere in your home. You just need a few places to fix up a blanket or a set of cardboard boxes. Be creative and make an awesome mini-for for your little ones. Have fun over the weekends by becoming a child yourself. Check out this video on how to make one:

47. Have a Kip:

You cannot imagine what short naps can do. It works wonders in restoring your energy. Even a short kip can make you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

48. DIY or Cleaning:

Look around and see if you have any pending home errands like washing clothes, cleaning shelves, or fixing the sink. Use your weekends productively by working on such tasks. Involve your kids so that they learn and have fun with it.

49. Make Bubbles:

Kids love bubbles, and you can try to make them in different ways. Use this quick guide to learn how to make bubbles with household products.

Learn Something New

50. Listen to the Radio or Podcasts:

Get yourself a good radio or start listening to podcasts. They provide ample information and are a very good source of entertainment.

51. Read:

There is hardly any better way to enjoy your quiet time at home over the weekend. Pick up a novel you forgot to read since you were so busy. Here is a list of books for inspiration.


52. Learn a Foreign Language:

It’s really fun learning a new language. Take up courses that teach French, Italian, or any other language that excites you. You can even check out Babbel or Verbalplanet, which offers various language courses.

53. Take an Online Course:

Websites like Coursera and Teachable offer innumerable options for learning across various domains. You can browse through and choose the skills you find interesting and then register to use your weekends to learn them.

Final Words

Many of us feel relaxed on weekends, but others have no idea how to make weekends fun. It is for them that we have prepared this list. Peruse the detailed options and choose the ones that tickle your minds.

You can even create your fun activity besides the ones mentioned above. After all, it’s about what makes you feel good on your fun day!

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