Alex Morris

Copywriter, Creative Writer, & Journalist

I'm a copywriter, creative writer, and journalist from Manchester, England, where I typically write about business, culture, lifestyle, and technology. I completed a Masters in Journalism back in 2007, as well as a BA in English Literature, Media, & Cultural Studies in 2006. I keep myself busy with various projects to continuously develop my cultural knowledge. I’m the editor of Professional Moron (a satire site) and Moonshake Books (which offers long-form literary reviews). I’m also the blog editor of Barnes Film Festival in London. With the latter, I cover first time directors, progressive cinema, and encourage students and emerging talent to publish content. In my spare time, I’m a creative writer. I write novels and short stories. These usually have an absurdist quality, as I’m always keen to try and make people have a laugh. As I go about my duties, I drink a lot of tea – typically Assam.