Alex Morris

Copywriter, Creative Writer, & Journalist

I'm a copywriter, creative writer, and journalist from Manchester, England, where I typically write about business, culture, lifestyle, and technology. I completed a Masters in Journalism back in 2007, as well as a BA in English Literature, Media, & Cultural Studies in 2006.I keep myself busy with various projects to continuously develop my cultural knowledge. I’m the editor of Professional Moron (a satire site) and Moonshake Books (which offers long-form literary reviews). I’m also the blog editor of Barnes Film Festival in London. With the latter, I cover first time directors, progressive cinema, and encourage students and emerging talent to publish content.In my spare time, I’m a creative writer. I write novels and short stories. These usually have an absurdist quality, as I’m always keen to try and make people have a laugh. As I go about my duties, I drink a lot of tea – typically Assam.