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24 Incredibly Creative And Practical Uses for LEGO

Chances are you’ve heard of and even owned some of the incredibly popular children’s toy LEGO in your lifetime! LEGO has been inspiring children for decades, allowing them to be creative and clever all at once, and encouraging kids to imagine what it’s like to be an architect, an engineer, an inventor or one of many other fantastic careers.

Created by Ole Kirk Christiansen in his workshop in Billund, Denmark, LEGO began production in 1949. Since then, over 560 billion pieces have been produced, which is at least 62 bricks for every individual person on this entire planet! There are also six theme parks dedicated to LEGO and play-sets that cover almost every media franchise from games and movies to books and sporting events. There are even some LEGO bricks floating around in space because in May 2011, 13 LEGO kits  were taken to astronauts so that they could build models and study how the bricks react in microgravity.

Every single thing about LEGO seems to be both inspired and simple. Even the word LEGO is wonderful, as it comes from the Danish phrase leg godt, meaning “play well” and a standard LEGO brick can withstand 950lbs of pressure, which is about the weight of an average moose. It’s no wonder then that children and adults alike all around the world are inspired by LEGO and have come up with various ways to use the nifty little bricks. In fact, the only bad thing about LEGO is that standing on one with bare feet was voted the most painful thing a human being can experience, second only to childbirth!

Whether you want to brighten up your home, teach your children mathematics or craft some geeky jewelry, you can do anything you want to with LEGO. To get your imaginations rolling, here are 24 wonderful creations people have crafted using just Lego.

1. DIY Easy Wall Repair

2. Creative and Colourful Interior Design

3. Educational Tools to Help Kids Learn Math

4. A Real House!

5. A Prosthetic Animal Limb

6. A Super Simple Key Rack (Miniature Figures Optional and Interchangeable)

7. An Incredible Phone Stand

8. Or Even a Knife Stand for the Kitchen

9. A Decorative Tower Case

10. Nerdy yet Posh Cuff Links for Special Outings

11. A LEGO-Lamp Shade That Will Make Any Room More Fun

12.  A New House and/ or Toys for Your Pets

13. A Rather Uncomfortable Looking Sofa or Table

14. Gift Wrapping or Storage

15. A Set of Seriously Nifty Coasters

16. Flowers That Will Never, Ever Die

17. And a Plant Pot to Keep Them In

18. Interesting Book Ends

19. A Mirror or Picture Frame Which Would Look Great in a Child’s Bedroom

20. You Can Even Make Jewellery!

21. Or a Toothbrush Holder

22. Or, My Personal Favourite, a Bookshelf!

23. A Napkin Holder for Children’s Parties

24. A Lego Time-Management System!

Bit Planner from Special Projects on Vimeo.

What was the best thing you ever built using LEGO?

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