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GTD Workflow Chart

Getting Things Done, we’re all trying but where do we start? LifeDev have pulled out a handy chart from David Allen’s book, appropriately titled, Getting Things Done.

What this chart does is outline the steps of what to do with the ‘stuff’ that comes into your life, simply and most handy of all, visually. Essentially it’s common sense, but sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to put into practice.

GTD Workflow
Now that this is laid out visually, I can organize my workspace to suit. I know that if something isn’t actionable then it can end up in one of three places; why not have an area set up for the Trash, the Tickler File and my References?

As I run down the chart I see that for each type of item that needs to be actioned, I can designate an area, whether that’s a physical space around my desk or in my mind, it doesn’t matter.

This is the kind of thing that with practice it is second nature. But until then, it doesn’t hurt to have a guideline.

GTD Cheatsheet: The Workflow [LifeDev]

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